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Dr Narakorn Srinil

Senior Lecturer in Subsea Engineering


Academic & Industrial Experience

Since Sep 2015 Dr Narakorn Srinil joined Newcastle University as a Senior Lecturer in Subsea Engineering. Presently, Dr Srinil is a PrincipaI Investigator & Consortium Lead of the EPSRC-funded MUFFINS project [2018-21], a world-leading collaboration of academia and industrial oil & gas companies to develop the next generation of pioneering technologies and cost-efficient tools for the safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly designs of real-life subsea systems transporting multiphase flows and subject to complex flow-structure interactions.

Recently, Dr Srinil has been awarded an International Exchange grant on the project 'High-Fidelity Modelling & Experiment of Combined Internal/External Flow-Induced Vibrations of Complex Structural Geometries' funded by The Royal Society and NSFC China, in partnership with Shanghai Jiao Tong University [2019-21].

Dr Srinil is an internationally recognised researcher in vortex-induced vibration (VIV), leading FlexNARA (Fluid-flexible structure iNterAction ReseArch) team focusing on fundamental, interdisciplinary & applied research in:

  1. Modelling of flow-induced vibrations & fluid-structure interactions,
  2. Offshore & subsea engineering technologies in deep & shallow waters,
  3. Offshore energy developments [oil & gas, renewable wind/marine, mining].

Dr Srinil published theoretical, analytical, computational and experimental works in high-calibre international journals with increasing citations. He has been developing a strong link with industrial companies through a wide range of knowledge exchange activities including research projects, consultancy, visits, teaching and group/individual works of MSc/PhD students. He also had an industrial placement experience at Maersk Oil UK in Aberdeen through the obtained Industrial Fellowship Awards from The Innovation Institute UK. His recent international collaboration network includes colleagues in UK, China, Brazil, Singapore, USA, Italy, Korea & India.

Dr Srinil was previously a Lecturer in Offshore Engineering at the Dep. of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (2010-2015), a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate at the Centre for Applied Dynamics Research, University of Aberdeen, a Research & Development Engineer at Wood [MCS Kenny] (2007-2009), and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Dep. of Structural & Geotechnical Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome in Italy (2004-2007). He carried out his PhD studies at the University of Rome and King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi Bangkok under co-supervision of Professors G Rega and S Chucheepsakul, and obtained a PhD in Civil Engineering [Structures] in Oct 2004. His PhD/Postdoc research is in the field of 'Nonlinear Vibrations of Flexible Structures & Fluid-Structure Interactions' whose theories, analytical-numerical methodologies and experimental frameworks can be applied to a wide range of engineering applications.

Areas of expertise

  • Vortex-induced vibration
  • Flow-induced vibration
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Phenomenological modelling
  • Flexible cylindrical structures

External Professional Roles

  • 2008-present: Member of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME),
  • 2010-present: Member of The Society for Underwater Technology (SUT),
  • 2012-present: Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (FHEA),
  • 2014-present: Grant Reviewer for The Research Council of Norway (RCN),
  • 2016-present: Member of The UK Carbon Capture & Storage Research Centre (UKCCS),
  • 2016-19: Co-Lead in Special Interest Group ‘Marine Hydrodynamics’, EPSRC ‘UK Fluids Network’,
  • 2016-19: External Examiner for ‘Offshore & Ocean Technology’ MSc courses with Subsea, Materials & Pipeline Engineering, Risk Management & Renewable Energy at Cranfield University,
  • 2017-present: Member of The European Mechanics Society EUROMECH (Solids & Fluids),
  • 2017-present: Member of The EPSRC Energy Harvesting Network,
  • 2018-present: Full member of The EPSRC College of Peer Reviewers,
  • 2018-present: Associate Editor of J Ocean & Climate: Science, Technology & Impacts, SAGE,
  • 2019-present: Editorial Board Member of J of Vibration, MDPI.
  • 2019-23: External Examiner for ‘MSc Subsea Engineering’ programme at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen,
  • Reviewer: >30 Journals (Elsevier, Springer, Cambridge, ASME, ASCE, SAGE, T&F, WS).

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More info of Dr Srinil's research:

FlexNARA, Google Scholar, LinkedIn, @MUFFINSresearch & Scopus

I. Research Projects: PI (CI) = Principal (Co-) Investigator

(a) EPSRC Project [EP/P033148/1; 2018-2021]

  • PI & Consortium Lead: 'MUltiphase Flow-induced Fluid-flexible structure InteractioN in Subsea applications (MUFFINS)', partnered with Imperial College, Glasgow University, NUS and engineering companies.
(b) The Royal Society [IEC\NSFC\181370; 2019-2021]
  • PI: 'High-Fidelity Modelling & Experiment of Combined Internal/External Flow-Induced Vibrations of Complex Structural Geometries', partnered with Shanghai Jiao Tong University through the International Exchanges 2018 Award [China/NSFC].

(c) Completed Projects

  • PI: 'Advanced Analysis & Design Tools for VIV of Offshore Structures', partnered with NUS Singapore & U. Sao Paulo, funded by The Scottish Funding Council.
  • PI: 'On-Bottom Stability Analysis of Subsea Cables for Offshore Winds', funded by SSE, SPR & Technip.
  • PI: 'Analysis Tool for Offshore Jackets Supporting Wind Turbines', funded by SSE, SPR & Technip.
  • PI: 'Connecting Jackets with Piles for Offshore Wind Turbines', funded by SSE, SPR & Technip.
  • PI: 'Subsea Cables & VIV', funded by Scottish Power Renewable (SPR).
  • PI: 'SuSy - Surfacing System for Ship Recovery', funded by EU-FP7:Transport.
  • CI: 'Performance of VIV Suppression Strakes', funded by Balmoral Offshore Ltd.

II. Research Supervision

(a) Postdocs (PhD graduates from Oxford1, Strathclyde2, Edinburgh3, Manchester4, NUS5, Aberdeen6, Newcastle7,

  • 8MUFFINS: Mechanistic modelling of transient slug flow-induced vibration [J Padrino, 11/19-]
  • 7MUFFINS: Phenomenological modelling of vortex-induced vibration [B Ma, 10/19-]
  • 6MUFFINS: Phenomenological modelling of slug flow-induced vibration [V Kurushina, 7/19-]
  • 1MUFFINS: Finite element modelling of flexible pipes transporting flows [K Bakis, 6/18-5/19]
  • 2MUFFINS: Empirical closure models for predicting slug flows [H Zanganeh, 5/18-4/19]
  • 3Uncertainties in phenomenological models of fluid-structure interactions [F Tagliaferri, 10/15-3/17] 
  • 4Analysis tool for offshore jackets supporting wind turbines in deep waters [S Zhong, 1/14-12/14]
  • 5On-bottom stability analysis of subsea cables for offshore wind applications [N Dat, 10/14-12/15]

(b) Current PhD students 

  • VIV of cylindrical structures in oscillatory flows: modelling & experiment [P-A Opinel, 9/16 - present]
  • Modelling of combined VIV & WIV of multiple rigid/flexible cylinders [B Soares, 4/18 - present]
  • Subsea structural integrity with multiphase FIV assurance [I Tamunodienye, 4/18 - present]

(c) Former Interns

  • VIV & wake-induced vibrations of two tandem cylinders [S. Safrendyo, 9/17 - 1/18]
  • Dynamic response of subsea jumpers transporting multiphase flows [J Kim, 9/17 - 1/18]

(d) Former PhD graduates:

  • Slug flow-induced vibration & VIV of catenary risers [B Ma]
  • Modelling & analysis of VIV of rigid and flexible structures [H Zanganeh]
  • Analysis of offshore floating wind turbines with mooring optimisation [X Xu]
  • Innovative deep-water foundations for offshore wind turbines [A Hemmati]
  • Modelling & analysis of ice-induced vibrations of arctic offshore structures [X Ji]

III. Knowledge Exchange & Impact Activities [year/month]

  • (2019/07) Host a 3-month, CSC-funded, visiting professor from Southwest Petroleum U.
  • (2019/06) Visit Department of Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham.
  • (2019/04) Invited talk 'Multiphase FIV in Subsea Applications: Challenges & Recent Progress' at [a-d].
  • (2019/04) Visit Department of Civil Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University [a]
  • (2019/04) Visit School of Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering, Southwest Petroleum U, Chengdu [b]
  • (2019/04) Visit School of Civil Engineering, Tianjin University [c]
  • (2019/04) Visit School of Mechanical Engineering & Automation, Fuzhou University [d]
  • (2018/11) Invited Referee for 'Fluid-Structure Interaction' theme, 10th Int Conf. Multiphase Flow, Rio
  • (2018/11) Talk on 'Liquid-Gas FIV in Flexible Pipe', at 71st APS Fluid Dynamics, Atlanta, USA
  • (2018/08) Promoted by EPSRC to a Full Member of 'The EPSRC College of Peer Reviewers'.
  • (2018-19) Guest Editor of Special Issue 'Vortex-Induced Vibration' in open access J of Vibration, MDPI
  • (2018/06) Chair of CFD & FSI session 'VIV Modeling & Prediction', OMAE2018 Conference, Madrid
  • (2018/05) Participation in Special Interest Group meeting in ‘Multiphase FIV’ at TNO, Delft
  • (2018/04) Examiner for a PhD thesis/viva, Department of Marine Technology, NTNU, Norway
  • (2017/11) Participation in the UK Fluid Network's 'Marine Hydrodynamics' meeting, University of Edinburgh
  • (2017/10) Appointment as a Member of the EPSRC Associate Peer Review College
  • (2017/09) Participation in a multiphase flow research (MEMPHIS) Showcase Event, Imperial College
  • (2017/09) Participation in the SPE Offshore Europe Conference & Exhibition, Aberdeen
  • (2017/05) Examiner for a thesis/viva of DProf (Professional Doctorate) degree, University of Sunderland
  • (2017/04) Visit Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology New Delhi, via Newton Fund
  • (2017/03) Visit Department of Ocean Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, via Newton Fund
  • (2017/02) Participation in the EPSRC 'Systems Engineering Workshop', Polaris House, Swindon
  • (2016-19) Co-lead of 'Marine Hydrodynamics', a network project funded by EPSRC 'UK Fluids Network'
  • (2016/08) Host a visiting researcher from Sch. Naval Arch., Ocean & Civil Eng, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • (2016/07) Examiner for a PhD thesis/viva, Fluid-Structure Interaction Group, University of Southampton
  • (2016-19) External examiner for "Offshore & Ocean Technology" MSc courses at Cranfield University 
  • (2016/04) Presentation at the 'Transient Multiphase Flows' (TMF) meeting, Imperial College London
  • (2015/10) Talk on 'Phenomenological Modelling of Fluid-Structure Interactions', Newcastle University
  • (2014-15) External reviewer for the Research Council of Norway (RCN)
  • (2015/08) Talk on "How to Become a Great Researcher" in NAOME seminar, University of Strathclyde
  • (2015/07) "VIV: Modelling, Prediction & Experiment", invited talk at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
  • (2015/05) Completion of Offshore Arctic Pipeline Engineering course, ASME, St. John's, Canada
  • (2015/04) Completion of Technology of Offshore Wind Energy course, Delft University of Technology
  • (2015/04) Deliver a CPD-type Oil & Gas Training course in "Pipelines, Risers & Moorings", Strathclyde
  • (2014/12) Visit Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, National University of Singapore
  • (2014/09) Visit Department of Marine Systems Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan
  • (2014/07) Visit Fluid Dynamics Research Group, University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • (2014/07) Visit School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Campinas, Brazil
  • (2014/05) Visit VIV Research Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
  • (2014/04) Visit Centre for Offshore Research & Engineering (CORE), National University of Singapore
  • (2014/04) Visit School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
  • (2014/03) Presentation in The Royal Society UK-India Scientific Seminar, University of Edinburgh
  • (2014/02) Talk on 'Supervision Management' in 3rd Academic Seminar, University of Strathclyde
  • (2013/09) Industrial Placement at Maersk Oil North Sea UK Limited via IFS Awards
  • (2013/07) "VIV of flexible structures", a talk given at University of Bristol, Dep of Civil Engineering
  • (2013/04) "VIV - Renewable energy?", a talk given at University of Edinburgh
  • (2012/12) "VIV: where are we & what next ?", a talk given at Nanyang Technological University
  • (2012/12) "Offshore structural vibration & fluid-structure interaction", a lecture given at KMUTT
  • (2012/06) Scottish Crucible Workshop 3 at University of Dundee
  • (2012/05) Scottish Crucible Workshop 2 at Glasgow Caledonian University
  • (2012/04) Scottish Crucible Workshop 1 at Royal Society of Edinburgh & Scottish Parliament
  • (2012/04) Visit Gamesa at Strathclyde Business Park, Glasgow
  • (2011/09) Experimental research visit at Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, University of São Paulo
  • (2011/09) Observer in The 26th International Towing Tank Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • (2011/08) "Predicting offshore VIV", a talk given at University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • (2011/05) "University R & D Showcase", Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, Texas, USA
  • (2010/02) Participation in "Oil & Gas Mission" with the Scottish Development International, Mexico

IV. Reviewer in 30 multidisciplinary journals & conferences

  • Offshore Engineering: OMAE & ISOPE conf., J Waterway, Port, Coastal Ocean Eng.
  • Fluids & Structures: J Fluids & Str, J Fluid Mech, Comp & Fluids, Int J Solids & Str, J Hydrodynamics.
  • Mechanics: Int J Non-Linear Mech, J Mech Sci, Acta Mech, J Brazil Mech Sci & Eng, Exp Tech, J Mech Sci & Tech, Str Eng & Mech, Meccanica.
  • Maritime: Applied Ocean Research, Ocean Eng, IMechE - J Eng for Maritime Environment, Int J of Maritime Eng, J Ocean Univ of China, Energies, J Offshore Mech & Arctic Eng, Marine Str.
  • Dynamics & Control: Nonlinear Dynamics, J Vib & Control, J Sound & Vib, J Vib & Acoustics, Int J Stability & Dyn, Shock & Vib.
  • Computations: Communication in Nonlinear Sci & Numerical Simulation, J Comp & Nonlinear Dynamics.

V. Professional Activities as a Session Organiser/Chairman & Co-Chairman

  • (2018) The 37th Int. Conf. on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering, Madrid
  • (2015) The 34th Int. Conf. on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering, St. John's
  • (2014) The International Conference on Maritime Technology, Glasgow
  • (2014) The 5th UK Marine Technology Postgraduate Conference, Newcastle
  • (2014) The 33rd Int. Conf. on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering, San Francisco
  • (2012) The 11th International Marine Design Conference, Glasgow
  • (2012) The 3rd UK Marine Technology Postgraduate Conference, Glasgow
  • (2011) The 2nd UK Marine Technology Postgraduate Conference, Southampton
  • (2009) The 19th International Offshore (Ocean) & Polar Engineering, Osaka
  • (2008) The 8th ISOPE Pacific/Asia Offshore Mechanics Symposium, Bangkok


Dr Srinil contributes to and leads (*) the following modules.

MSc in Subsea, Pipeline, Naval & Renewable Energy Engineering

  • MAR8052 - Dynamics of Subsea Installations*
  • MAR8051 - Design of Pipelines, Risers & Umbilicals
  • MAR8046 - Material, Corrosion & Flow Assurance Aspects*
  • MAR8069 - Advanced Naval Architecture
  • SPG8026  - Renewable Energy: Marine Structures & Devices*
  • MAR8077 - Fundamentals of Pipeline Engineering*
  • MAR8011 - Dynamics of Offshore Installations*
  • MAR8012 - Design & Construction*
  • MAR8013 - Asset Management*
  • CME8040 - Corrosion & Corrosion Control

BEng/MEng in Marine Technology

  • MAR1012 - Naval Architecture
  • MAR3043 - Project & Report in Marine Engineering*
  • MAR3044 - Project & Report in Naval Architecture*
  • MAR3045 - Project & Report in Offshore Engineering*
  • MAR3046 - Project & Report in Small Craft Technology*
Former Modules @ Strathclyde (2010-2015)
  • NM210 - Analysis & Design of Marine Structures I
  • NM312 - Analysis & Design of Marine Structures II
  • NM404 - Ship Structural Dynamics
  • NM958 - Risers & Mooring Lines
  • MSc Group Projects in Offshore Floating Systems, Subsea Eng., Ship & Offshore Structures
  • Pipelines, Moorings, Umbilicals & Risers (MTEC: Marine Technology Education Consortium)

MSc Theses under my supervision


  • Wake dynamics of 3-D curved cylinder in oblique flows [S. Lee]
  • 3-D numerical simulations of slug flow in asymmetric jumper [K. Lim]
  • Slug FIV in deepwater lazy-wave flexible riser [M. Othman]
  • Slug FIV in multi-span pipelines undergoing VIV [F. Findasari]
  • Pipe-in-pipe modelling for subsea flow assurance [A. Ibrahim]
  • Vibration analysis of an oil tanker [Y. Gao]


  • 3-D CFD of gas-liquid severe slugging in lazy wave riser [Y. Moon]
  • CFD of oil-water flows in horizontal & vertical pipelines [K. Kwon]


  • Non-uniform slug flow & VIV effects on steel catenary riser [S. Safrendyo]
  • CFD analysis of subsea valve actuator hydraulic flows [N. Tait]
  • CFD for FSI analysis of subsea jumper transporting multiphase flows [J. Kim]
  • Severe slugging of deepwater M-shaped rigid jumpers [K. Smart]
  • VIV of drilling riser subject to space-time varying currents [R. Toledo]
  • Mitigation technique of severe slugging in riser-pipeline [K. Kim]
  • Deep sea mining with novel S-shaped risers [A. Indhama]


  • Severe slugging in a pipeline-riser system [C. Kwan]
  • XXL monopiles for offshore wind farm turbines [D. Akpan]
  • Analysis of jetting functions on subsea ploughs [D. Potter]
  • Passive VIV control for multiple-span pipelines [A. Karunakaran]
  • VIV experiments of a curved cylinder pipe in multi orientations to flows [A. Zapris]
  • Optimum design of sea-water uptake reel during deployment/recovery [R. Wade]
  • Internal-flow pulsation & vibration of free-spanning subsea pipelines [S. Mathew]
  • CFD-based risk assessment of piping vibration due to multiphase flow [C. Jung]
  • Partially-filled rectangular & trapezoidal LNG tanks to alleviate sloshing [H. Jeong]
  • Modelling and analysis of fatigue failure in flexible risers [R. Torres]
  • Slug flow-induced vibration of flexible risers and pipelines [G. Nikas]
  • CFD-based VIV analysis of two parallel cylinders with 2DOF [S. Zaidi]


  • Multiphase internal flow-induced vibration of subsea jumpers [S. Laprabang]
  • Current-induced vibrations of multi free-spanning pipelines [L. Ramadhan]
  • Dynamic performance of LWSCR, OSCR, TSCR vs SCR [A. Venetsanos]
  • Arctic rigid riser-mooring systems under ice impact [A. Varghese]
  • Enhanced oil recovery using CO2 injection risers [S. Okpokparoro]
  • Dynamics of risers & pipelines with damage and leakage [Y. Xu]
  • Analysis of HPHT pipe-in-pipe structures [S. Phromnomai]
  • Fatigue damage analysis due to pipeline-soil-fluid interactions [S. Arogundade]
  • Analysis & design of offshore systems using Orcaflex vs Flexcom [A. Oliyide]
  • Towing tank experiment on VIV of a J-lay pipe [L. Zhang]
  • Fatigue analysis of deepwater riser VIV [E. Normann]
  • Pipeline walking and mitigation approach [M. Birdas]
  • On-bottom stability of inter-array subsea cables [A. Richard]
  • Optimized 3-leg jacket for offshore wind turbines [N. S. Conde]
  • Deepwater gravity base for offshore wind turbines [R. Kuruniyan]
  • CFD study on flow past piggyback cylinders [K. Pratumwun]
  • Parametrically-excited deepwater drilling riser [F. Poretti]
  • Novel deepwater mooring systems with buoys [O. Akinyode]
  • Interference analysis of TLP/SPAR risers in array [A Etim]
  • Ice-structure interaction using FEM [A. Steinert]
  • Springing of FPSOs due to waves [M. Arriaga]
  • Modelling iced-induced structural vibration [B. Lhabitant]
  • Mooring of offshore floating wind turbines [R. Quail]
  • Modelling VIV of circular cylinder near seabed [A. Kusnadi]
  • Experimental study on 2-DOF VIV of inclined cylinder [C. Sevak]
  • VIV of arbitrarily inclined free-spanning pipelines [P. Sirilatthaporn]
  • Sensitivity analysis of a conceptual design for subsea deployment [A. Matheson]
  • Fluid mechanics of forced figure-eight trajectories of circular cylinders [J. Chen]
  • Impact of combined VIV & wave interaction on offshore structures [Y. Aye]
  • Interactions of seabed and SCRs with trench profile effects [E. Seim]
  • Numerical time-domain analysis of ice-SPAR platform interaction [J. Uche]
  • Clashing analysis of hybrid riser systems due to wake interference [M. Aursand]
  • A novel hybrid riser-tether system for deepwater applications [B. Umobi]
  • Clashing modelling of in-tandem structures undergoing VIV [M. Armin]
  • Impact analysis of the liquid sloshing within the FPSO tanks using CFD [J. Lee]
  • Dynamic analysis of coupled mooring lines & floating wave energy devices [M. Ramli]
  • Time-domain analysis of seabed-riser interactions in deepwater applications [B. Peroz]
  • CFD with visualization of vortex modes behind forced cylinders [P. Reagan]
  • Accurate deformation of flexible structures using strain gauges vs. optical camera [A. Ikeaguzi]
  • Oil & gas exploration and production in the Bay of Bengal [N.K. Chandru]
  • Analysis of ice-structure interaction using a simplified modeling and approach [S. Maley]
  • Feasibility of composite risers in offshore deepwater applications [O. Ugbehe]
  • Riser VIV analysis using a time-domain approach [N. O. Amaraibi]
  • CFD studies on flows past stationary/harmonically-forced transverse oscillating cylinders [Il Y. Lee]