School of Engineering

Staff Profile

Dr Peter Malkin

Strategic Research Adviser


Peter has a proven track record of achievement in both academic and industrial research and development of novel electrical power systems. Peter has extensive experience of directing and guiding university and industrial research and successful product development resulting in new patents and new products. Peter has made a significant contribution to R&D of new technologies including high temperature superconductors, wide-band-gap semiconductors and novel network designs. Currently researching technologies associated with Hybrid and Electric aircraft propulsion systems.

Current Position

Strategic Research Advisor ;Working in the School of Engineering with an objective to build on the work done in the field of More Electric Aircraft and create research activities in the field of Hybrid Electric Aircraft.

Previous Positions

CRANFIELD UNIVERSITY, School of Engineering ; Professor of Electrical Power Engineering 

ROLLS-ROYCE plc  Chief Technologist for Electrical Systems, Elected as Rolls-Royce Senior Engineering Fellow in Electrical Power Systems (EPS)

Other Activities

  • Served on RAE2008 sub-panel 23 –Electrical and Electronics
  • Served on REF 2014  sub panel 13 –Electrical and Materials.
  • Visiting Professor at Strathclyde University  2006- 2011



Leading a small team in the Electrical Power Group to research technologies in suitable for propulsion systems for Hybrid and Electric Aircraft. This is a new and rapidly developing field as modelling has shown that such aircraft are capable of significant reduction of global emissions of CO2, NOx and indeed in noise pollution.

We are working on novel elctrical machines and power networks adapted to this challenging application. We are also investigating high-temperature superconducting systems  to meet future requirements for larger aircraft. The combined use of cryogens such as LNG and Liquid Hydrogen for cooling and fuel could result in significantly reduced emissions for future air travel.