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Professor Philip Moore

Professor of Space Geodesy



Joined Newcastle University Sept 1999 as Professor of Space Geodesy as part of the Geomatics Group; formerly within the Departments of Mathematics and Civil Engineering at Aston University. His area of teaching involves mathematical aspects and techniques of Geomatics. His research concentrates on mathematical and computational geodesy to multi-disciplinary aspects including precise navigation, geophysical inferences from satellite orbital perturbations; mass redistrubution and gravity field studies from dedicated gravity field missions; global hydrology for ungauged basins using remote sensing and intelligent transport systems.


Roles and Responsibilities

Chair of Board of Examiners (Geomatics)

Research Group Leader (Geomatics)

Leader of Geomatics Teaching Group



BSC Mathematical Science, Birmingham University

 PhD Brunel University


Industrial experience:

Recent collaborative research with Fugro Intersite and Subsea 7


Research interests

Over 25 years of experience in orbital perturbations, precise orbit determination, satellite altimetry, gravity field determination and GNSS. Coordinated development of in-house POD software (Faust). Currently working on Antarctic ice mass loading; regional solutions of the static Erath gravity field from dedicated satellite gravity missions (GRACE and GOCE); the Earth’s temporal gravity field (including gravitation from LAGEOS, mass-loading from GPS, GRACE and loading models); unification of vertical datums (using tide gauges, altimetry, GPS and GRACE); quality control in precise point positioning; applications of inland water altimetry to ungauged basins and aspects of geomatics applied to Intelligent Transport Systems.

Postgraduate supervision

Matthew Goode, Stuart Andrews, Emmanuel Gbenga Ayodele, Ian Martin, Craig Hancock


Esteem indicator

Member of EU Galileo Geodetic Reference Interface Working Group. 2010-2011

 Member of IAG GGOS Working Group on Vertical Datum Standardization



ESA River and Lakes


European Space Agency


30 Jul 2010

01 Feb 2011

Regional Gravity Fields from GOCE and GRACE (Philip Moore)


Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)


01 Feb 2010

01 Sep 2014



Improved models of West Antarctic glacial isostatic adjustment through new crustal motion data


Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)


05 May 2009

04 Nov 2014

Consistent multi-technique geodetic estimates of present-day contributions to regional sea level change.


Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)


19 Jan 2009

09 Mar 2012

Improved constraints on global-scale hydrological change by determining secular geocenter motion and low degrees of the surface


Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)


01 Sep 2008

28 Feb 2013


The determination of a new global GPS-derived surface velocity field and its application to the problem of 20th century sea-leve


Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)


01 Jul 2007

30 Jun 2011


Undergraduate Teaching

CEG1707, Quantitaive Methods and Geomatics

CEG2707, Map Projections and Geodetic Datums

CEG3709, Advanced Geodesy

CEG2703, Observation Processing and Analysis (2011/12)