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Dr Rosemary Norman

Senior Lecturer


Roles and Responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Marine Electrical Systems



BEng Leeds 1989
MSc Bradford 1990
PhD Bradford 1994
MSc Loughborough 2006

Previous Positions

Principal Engineer,
Switched Reluctance Drives Ltd, Harrogate, Nth Yorkshire



Member IET
Senior Member IEEE

Google Scholar:

PhD and MPhil Supervision:

Completed PhDs:

 R. Rosli ‘Development of a Novel Marine Turbine: Hydro Spinna’, PhD awarded 2018.

 W. Shi ‘Biomimetic Improvement of Hydrodynamic Performance of Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbines’, PhD awarded 2017.

I. Emovon ‘Multi-Criteria Decision Making Support Tools for Maintenance of Marine Machinery Systems’, PhD awarded 2016.

M.H. Abbas ’Modelling pipeline CO2 corrosion for CO2 partial pressures of up to 150bar’, PhD awarded 2016.

C.J. Lyons ‘Development of Quantitative Risk Assessment Methods for Dense Phase CO2 Pipelines’, PhD awarded 2015.

 M.R. Zoolfakar ‘Holistic Modelling of LNG Carrier Systems’, PhD awarded 2012.

N. Tunwattana ‘Design and Development of an Optical Dead Reckoning System for Robotics Surface Navigation’, PhD awarded 2009.

R. Mikalsen ‘An Investigation into the Free-Piston Engine Concept and its Potential for High Efficiency and Low Emissions Power Generation’, PhD awarded 2008.


Current PhD students:

 P. Pise ‘An Integrated Model for Life-Cycle Development of Offshore Wind Energy at Industry Scale’, started January 2016.

 C. Fernandez ‘Dynamic Positioning - Control System Modelling DDDGGA (AI) and Reliability Index (RI)', started October 2015 (part-time).

M.C.L. Teo 'Exploration of Big Data for Future Marine Applications', started October 2016

M.I. Zaman ‘Development of data analytic algorithms to measure engine performance parameters and control emissions’, started December 2014.

W.W. Stephenson, 'Integration of mechanical energy storage devices onto the grid system', started January 2017.

Zhizun Xu started April 2017

Yi Zhou started April 2017

O.L. Bebeteidoh started September 2017

M Alremehi started September 2017

X Yan started October 2017

AS Ebifemi started January 2018

T Topic started January 2018


I joined the School of Marine Science and Technology in 2004 as a Lecturer in Marine Electrical Systems following 10 years working in industry. My work in industry covered many aspects of motor drive systems, including power electronic converter design, integrated circuit design, system modelling and simulation, embedded software and control system design. The work on control systems, particularly sensorless control of switched reluctance machines led to patents granted in both Europe and the USA. Applications for the drive systems included hybrid-electric vehicles, industrial servo systems and domestic appliances.

Since joining Newcastle University my research has included:

  1. Thermal treatment systems for ballast water, including simulation models and optimisation tools based on artificial neural networks;

  1. Non-contact measurement sensors based on optical computer mouse technology;
  1. Marine robotic systems for ship hull maintenance which reduces the environmental impact of a ship through cleaning processes which avoid the spread of non-indigenous marine species and reduce hull resistance and therefore fuel consumption and emissions. (HISMAR project funded under the EU FP6 programme)

  2. Marine renewable systems, particularly tidal current turbines and the associated electrical power converters.

  3. Marine electrical systems including shore supplies and hybrid marine propulsion.

  4. Fuel and emission monitoring for marine engines (two KTP project with Royston, funded by Innovate UK)


Undergraduate Teaching

MAR2018 Marine Engineering II
MAR3033 Marine Engineering Design
MAR3038 Dynamic Modelling and Simulation

Postgraduate Teaching

MAR8065 Marine Power Systems
MAR8071 Fundamentals of Marine Engineering
SPG8003 Renewable Energy: Electrical Generation Systems
SPG8014 Introduction to Hydro, Wind, Wave & Tidal Energy