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Dr Serkan Turkmen

Lecturer in Marine Engineering


Dr Serkan Turkmen, a lecturer in Marine Engineering, has been employed by Newcastle University since November 2012 in the School of Engineering, Marine Technology.

He has been working in various research projects and is an expert user of Newcastle University’s research facilities including the Emerson Cavitation Tunnel, towing tank, flowcell, and performance monitoring systems of the research vessel the Princess Royal RV.  He completed EU and UK funded projects, e.g. the FP7 EU project SONIC, the Seafront project and the Innovate UK funded project Hydrofoil catamaran-Flying Princess Royal.

He was involved in a novel way of propelling and steering ships, an innovative rudder technology “The Gate Rudder system”

He also initiated interdisciplinary collaborations with Marine Biology at Newcastle University regarding a project involving fouling control as well as Chemical Engineering involving testing of cavitation erosion.

He is a user of High-Performance Computing with the MPI parallel programming tools to simulate the hydrodynamic performance of ships, propeller, tidal turbines, and pipe flow.

His teaching responsibilities included marine engineering and material science for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


Naval architecture,

Marine engineering,

Marine Coatings, Biofouling,  

Roughness, Underwater Radiated Noise, Computational Fluid Dynamics,

Hull vibration,

Smart materials,



MAR8067 Marine Machinery system

MAR2018 Marine Engineering 2

MAR3071 Fundamentals of Marine Engineering

MAR1009 Marine Mechanics

MAR8499 Group Project and Report Master of Engineering in Marine Technology

SFY0013 Material Sciences