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Dr Stephane Le Goff



I did my PhD studies from 1992 to 1995 working for the turbo code project under the guidance of Marconi Prize winner Professor Claude Berrou. After ten years spent working in both academia and the telecommunication industry, I joined in 2005 the Intelligent Sensing and Communications Group at Newcastle University to create a centre of excellence in digital communications with the help of a few colleagues such as Dr Charalampos Tsimenidis and Dr Martin Johnston.

Digital communications has been a core component of our MSc Programme in Communications and Signal Processing here at Newcastle University. Since 2005, we have trained through this MSc programme hundreds of graduates who now work for various academic institutions and industries around the world.


  • PhD, Electronic Engineering, University of Western Brittany, Brest, France, 1995
  • MSc, Electronic Engineering, University of Western Brittany, 1991.
  • BSc, Electrical Engineering, University of Western Brittany, 1990.

Area of expertise

  • Digital communications, digital electronics, analogue electronics.

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Stephane is a member of the Intelligent Sensing and Communications Research Group and his publication profile can be viewed at Google Scholar.

His research interests include modulation and coding, information theory, OFDM, cooperative communications, and physical-layer security.


Undergraduate Teaching

EEE1002/EEE1010 (Electronics I)
EEE1006/EEE1007 (Electrical Engineering I)
EEE2010 (Electrical Engineering II)
EEE8104 (Digital Communications)

Postgraduate Teaching

EEE8099 (Information Theory and Coding)