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Geospatial Surveying, Mapping & GIS Undergraduate Degrees

Be at the forefront of understanding, analysing and applying geospatial (location based) data to monitor the Earth and environment.

What is Geospatial Engineering?

Geospatial engineering is the science of earth mapping at all scales. Geospatial Engineering has many applications across science and engineering and is the perfect route for anyone with an interest in geography, science, mathematics or ICT.

Geospatial Engineering at Newcastle

At Newcastle, you’ll collect, map and analyse location-based information to engineer a sustainable future. Using your new skills, you’ll monitor, analyse and assess climate hazards, including the impact of climate change. You’ll also work collaboratively with engineers from other disciplines.

Our Geospatial Surveying, Mapping & GIS degrees are professionally accredited and developed in collaboration with industry.

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Our courses give you the geospatial skills, knowledge and techniques that are shaping the engineering industry.