Newcastle University Business School

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Organisational engagement with transformational change in established professional fields: The case of Legal Services Act 2007

Date/Time: Wednesday 8 March 2017, 12:00-13:30

Venue: Room 2.05, Newcastle University Business School

Speaker: Harsh Jha, Newcastle University

Following Harsh Jha's paper on the same topic, this seminar explores how organisations engage with big field level changes. In the context of the recent market based reforms of the legal services industry in England, leading to the enactment of Legal Services Act 2007.

Harsh examines the impact of professional sensemaking (coded from more than 500 trade media and related articles) and occupational status on how professional actors attempt to influence the regulatory changes process at various stages, whether through public engagement (written or oral responses to regulatory commissions) or behind the scenes political lobbying.

Research group: Strategy, Organisations and Society & Professions, Work and Organisation