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Contributing to the Treasury Committee’s economic impact of coronavirus inquiry

7 December 2020

This programme was originally funded through the United Kingdom Commission for Employment & Skills’ 'Productivity Challenge 5: Developing leadership and entrepreneurship skills in small firms'. Since 2016, Captured has worked with over 125 micro-businesses (defined as those employing between zero and nine) in the North East of England.

During the month of May, Dr Fiona Whitehurst, Captured Programme Lead, interviewed twenty of Captured's previous participants to see how they were navigating the situation caused by the pandemic. Since then, they have been providing weekly reflective video ‘diaries’. These diaries have enabled her to gain a refined and comprehensive picture of the wide range of challenges as well as potential opportunities their businesses are facing. After documenting this crucial information, Fiona submitted written evidence to the second stage of the Treasury Committee’s Economic Impact of Coronavirus Inquiry. See more details of the Treasury Committee’s Inquiry.

The next stage is looking at the Government’s coronavirus response as it continues to unfold as well as some of the long-term implications of the challenges and opportunities of the “new normal”. The Committee is taking evidence until 18 December 2020 and more details can be found here.

Graphic based image that says: Captured Connect. Reflect. Develop.