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Exploitation of Specialised Carbon Capture Storage and Utilisation

Modelling the behaviour of carbon dioxide in carbon capture units and carbon dioxide pipelines.

Project leader

Dr Ben Wetenhall


2019 to 2020

Project staff

Prof Richard Graham (University of Nottingham), Dr Kumar Patchigolla (Cranfield University)


UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre (EPSRC)


We are optimising the EOS to model the phase behaviour of impure carbon dioxide. It will model the behaviour under conditions typically found in carbon capture units and in carbon dioxide pipelines.

We will create open-source wrappers for the CCUS EOS. This will allow other codes written in different languages to use it. Almost all CCUS projects need accurate EOS. By providing wrappers in other languages, the EOS will make a bigger impact in the CCUS community.

The wrappers are a step towards including the EOS in commercial design software. Such software includes process models, reservoir simulators and pipeline design software. We will use the (UKCCSRC Call 2) shelter and escape model as an example of incorporating such a wrapper. It will benefit from more accurate density predictions.

We will validate the EOS against new low temperature and low pressure data generated from testing. This can open up the use of the EOS in ship transportation and liquefaction models.