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Flexible CCS Network Development (FleCCSnet)

Flexible CCS Network Development (FleCCSnet)

Project leader

Dr Ben Wetenhall


2013 to 2015

Project staff

Academic staff

  • University of Strathclyde
    • Dr Julia Race
  • University of Edinburgh
    • Dr Hannah Chalmers
    • Dr Mathieu Lucquiaud
    • Dr Mark Naylor


  • School of Engineering
    • Dr Hamed Agnajani
  • University of Edinburgh
    • Dr Eva Sanchez-Fernandez


UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre (EPSRC)


We are developing guidelines for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) pipeline networks. These design and operating guidelines will ensure networks can react effectively to variations in the availability and flow of carbon dioxide (CO2) from capture plants. They will also address the constraints imposed on the system by the ability of CO2 storage facilities to accept variable flow.

We are investigating the flexibility of plausible CO2 transport networks. We are assessing their ability to react to changes in the flow rate of CO2 across the whole CCS chain.

The study will also investigate network design strategies such as:

  • the incorporation of extra existing infrastructure
  • use of interim and buffer CO2 storage to decouple flow rates in different parts of the CCS system
  • switching the phase of transportation

We will consider operational scenarios. This will allow network designers to anticipate potential problems associated with the operation of the pipeline network.

Our research will benefit a broad range of stakeholders. It will allow them to investigate future‐proofing strategies during the design and development of CCS projects.