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Dynamic research of floating offshore wind turbines

A numerical tool for use in the design of floating offshore wind turbines.

Project leader

Professor Zhiqiang Hu
Dr Rosemary Norman


2020 to 2023

Project staff

Dr C Ng (ORE Catapult)


EPSRC; ORE Catapult


ORE Catapult


We are improving dynamic responses prediction accuracy of floating offshore wind turbines (FOWT). The project will benefit the UK’s ocean renewable energy development.

We will investigate rigid-flexible coupled multi-body dynamic mechanisms and FOWT’s dynamic characteristics. We will develop an aero-hydro-elastic-mooring-servo coupled numerical tool for FOWT engineering design. We will validate the numerical tool. We will then carry out calculations on the dynamic characteristics of floating offshore wind turbines. We are using a 7MW referenced wind turbine with semi-type or spar-type supporter.

EPSRC and ORE Catapult support the project.