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Dr Kristopher Smith

Research Associate / MSc Project Supervisor


Kris completed an apprenticeship with British Telecom before attending Northumbria University. Here he received a BSc(Hons) in Communications & Electronic Engineering and a MSc in Microelectronic Engineering.

In 2006 he joined Newcastle University to complete an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) with sponsorship from Dyson. His research focused on Power Supply Quality in Brushless Drives. After completing the doctorate Kris has moved into a Teaching Fellowship at Newcastle University. His research interests are mainly in permanent magnet machine design.

In his spare time Kris enjoys participating in adventure races: kayaking, cycling, running and orienteering.


Kristopher's main interest is on electromagnetic design of electrical machines. Several of the machine designs use Infloytica MagNet and Motorsolve software to simulate permanent magnet machines in both 2D & 3D. Kris has produced a set of tutorials to use the MagNet simulation package that is utilised by MSc and PhD students.

Since 2016 Kris has been a second supervisor to 3 PhD students working on Linear Machines and Induction Motors.

Kristopher is a member of the Electrical Power research group and his profile is available at Google Scholar


Undergraduate Teaching

EEE3008 Industrial Automation and Robotics (Since 2016)

EEE2008 Project and Professional Issues (Since 2012)

Postgraduate Teaching

EEE 8005 Industrial Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Since 2016)

EEE 8097 MSc Individual Project - Permanent Magnet Machine Designs (Since 2012).