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Dr Wenting Hu



Wenting Hu is a Lecturer for the School of Engineering at Newcastle University. His areas of expertise are chemical reaction engineering (gas-solid reactions in particular), chemical looping and carbon capture.

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MA, MEng, PhD (Cantab)





Research interests

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a near to mid-term solution to carbon emission control, before full decarbonisation of the economy is possible. My current research focuses on the development and characterisation (thermodynamics and chemical kinetics) of new materials for chemical loopinga particular carbon capture technology. This technology uses solid oxides as oxygen carriers to separate a gas-gas reaction into two or more gas-solid reactions so that the separation of gaseous products can be avoided and the CO2 produced from the process can be captured directly. Depending on the properties of the oxygen carriers, they can be used for different applications, for example, the direct combustion of fuels, separation of oxygen from air for oxy-fuel combustion, reforming of natural gas and upgrading carbon-based fuels to hydrogen.