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Marcin Kotlarz

A novel 3D biofabrication process to enhance integration of orthopaedic devices with human cells.


Project supervisors

Project description

3D printing technology has the potential to transform orthopaedic treatments. It is able to manufacture personalised medical devices. But a challenging aspect remains. The challenge remains to integrate such devices with cells to promote the patient’s tissue regeneration.

We need an approach to enhance bioactivity of implants in vivo. We may achieve this by combining the implants with biofabrication strategies. This would create a novel class of tissue-engineered devices.

I am investigating the use of a new 3D biofabrication process. Reactive Jet Impingement (ReJI) can print cell-filled hydrogels and integrate them with medical devices. Hydrogels create a favourable environment for cell incorporation. Their peformance in this aspect is superior to metal implants or bioceramic coatings . They serve as extracellular matrix, enabling cell organisation into 3D architecture. This stimuli directs the growth and formation of tissue. I am incoropating 3D cell-filled gel coating onto the device surface. This will enhance device – host tissue interactions. It will modulate the surrounding biological environment in a human body.