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Yusuf Furkan Ugurluoglu

Design and validation of multi-material 3D bioprinter.


Project supervisors

Project description

Bioprinting is an emerging technology able to fabricate customised tissue constructs. Extrusion-based bioprinting (EBB) attracts great attention. It has the ability to extrude high viscous material with the necessary precision for various applications.

Currently available EBB methods, including pneumatic and mechanical driven, provide an acceptable extrusion. But several disadvantages remain. It faces challenges such as the ability to retract material from a nozzle, high yield stress, cartridge volume restriction and cost.

Commercial bioprinters are costly devices and this restricts access. Research in this area seeks to develop open-source bioprinting systems. But so far, we have been unable to go beyond syringe-based extrusion.

I will develop an open-source extrusion system based on the progressive cavity pump (PCP) principle. This has the ability to retract material. It also has low shear force during material carriage and precise volumetric extrusion for low to very highly viscous fluids.