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Amelie Ott

Antimicrobial resistance in rivers in low-to-middle-income countries.


Project supervisors

  • Prof David Graham
  • Dr Greg O’Donnell
  • Dr Michaela Goodson (NUMed Malaysia)

Project description

The prevalence of AMR in rivers is greatest in low-to-middle income countries (LMICs). LMICs use antibiotics less prudently and waste management is inconsistent.

But predicting AMR exposure is difficult because monitoring programmes rarely include AMR indicators. As such, an urgent need exists to characterise AMR in LMIC rivers. We need to define current conditions. We also need to develop models for predicting conditions with limited data.

This research combines new monitoring data for Malaysia with a novel hydrologic-AMR tracking model to predict AMR exposures in LMIC catchments. The model can help local stakeholders to identify optimal interventions to reduce the health risk of AMR in rivers. These include engineering and social options.



Running, yoga, travelling and painting


BSc Biotechnology – Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany

twitter @amelieott