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Jian Zang

Improving the efficiency and performance of water treatment.


Project supervisors

Project description

We face many water- and energy-related problems around the world. To tackle these challenges, we need to consider human behaviour. This includes behaviour at the household level or other factors at the stage of end-use. For example, one of my focuses is leakage identification and analysis.

Water efficiency at the end-point is very important. Water treatment and supply uses a huge amount of energy, water resource and chemical consumption. My project also looks at decentralised and centralised water treatment plants. I am analysing their energy footprint and carbon emission.

My project will contribute to the knowledge needed for design, control and maintenance in future building. I am using Excel, Python, and Matlab models. I am comparing real-world rainwater harvesting systems, solar systems and green technology. I am using this machine learning to construct the blueprint of the project. I am also using biological technologies like sequencing and other offsite testing, This is helping the practicality, portability and extensibility of the current project.


Green building, environmental/financial analysis of water treatment plant, end-point water, decentralized water treatment plant, pipe cleaning leakage identification, heat pump and ice storage.


MSc Environmental Engineering - Newcastle University