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Gauhar Meldebekova

Using InSAR to monitor land deformation.

Project title

Ground deformation monitoring using differential radar interferometry technique


Project description

There is rapid urbanisation and industrialisation in Kazakhstan. This is leading to land deformation, both natural and human-induced, which is one of the geohazards affecting the country.

The physical impact of the ground displacement is small. But sustainable development and continued environmental well-being need targeted environmental policies. A strong evidence base will provide an improved understanding of the changes in Earth’s System. This includes geohazards like land deformation. An understanding is essential to efficiently predict, adapt and mitigate these changes.

The Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) image processing technique has revolutionised geodesy. It is able to detect small ground displacements. It has proved to be a powerful tool. The study will use InSAR techniques to detect, delineate and produce a nationwide map of these deformation patterns.

The map will enable decision-makers and industry practitioners to:

  • identify areas vulnerable to risk
  • design specific strategies for intervention activities