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Kristina Wolf

Seamless integration of different spatial domains.

Project title

Multi-scale multi-domain geospatial data modelling

Project description

I am a CDT student in Geospatial Systems. For my PhD, I am working with Ordnance Survey. I am working on concepts that allow seamless integration of different spatial domains of interest. These include energy, transport, water, environment, society, and digital.

I am interested in combining requirements from different areas with different levels of detail. I look from the internal BIM building to the city model. I investigate various environmental, infrastructure and social factors.


For my long-term career goals, I would like to contribute to public services through GIS-based technologies. I hope to work on environmental protection, and help communities prepare for the future.

In my spare time I like to travel, learn languages, go jogging and hiking.


  • BSc in International Management for Business and Information Technology
  • MSc in Management Information Systems (MIS)

The focus of my final year was on Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

I spent my research semester at the Transportation and GIS Laboratory at Tohoku University, Japan. While I was there, I worked with static and dynamic data from probe vehicles. I analysed the effects of (natural) hazards on transport networks

My master’s thesis is titled Identification of pilot areas for broadband expansion using GIS-based models. I was awarded with the Esri Young Scholar Award Germany for the thesis.

I have completed a traineeship in Technology Consulting. I have worked as a Consultant at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. I gained international work experience in the USA, UK, India and the Netherlands.

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