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Fulvio Domenico Lopane

Optimising the management of flood emergencies.

Project title

Resilient infrastructure networks: optimisation of locating emergency management resources


Project description

Climate change and intense urbanisation is changing the world around us. Cities and infrastructure are facing worsening consequences of natural hazards.

The UK National Flood Resilience Review (2016) committed £2.3 billion worth of investment to reduce flood risk and coastal erosion. £12.5 million of this has been designated for temporary flood defences.

At present, there is no proven method of ensuring these resources are optimally invested. Fulvio's research will optimise flood emergency management. It will develop a framework based on consolidated urban planning spatial optimisation.

This study will develop and apply a Resource Allocation Optimisation Genetic Algorithm. The algorithm will balance the minimisation of response time and costs. Its main aim is to assign locations in which to store temporary flood defences, such as demountable flood barriers, portable generators and pumps. Strategic locations will guarantee low transport and deployment times. This will improve emergency response management.

Fulvio will apply the methodology and optimisation framework to a regional case study (Humber Estuary, UK). Such a framework has the potential to lead a new generation of mathematically-based emergency response planning. This will be targeted at policy makers dealing with urban planning and emergency management.