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Chemical Engineering: MEng (Hons).

We have some really good lecturers; quite a few are world leaders in research, and this is reflected in the course content.

Choosing Newcastle

When I decided I wanted to do Chemical Engineering, I looked at the top universities for the course. Out of the top five in the UK, Newcastle appealed to me because of the reputation of the city and the ratings from current and past students.

About your course

I most enjoyed the Design Project in Stage 3. Although it was challenging, I was able to put into practice everything I'd been learning and apply it to a project similar to what I could be doing after University.

We have some really good lecturers; quite a few are world leaders in research, and this is reflected in the course content.

Recommending Newcastle

I think Newcastle gives you the opportunity to enjoy every aspect of being a student. In larger cities such as London, you cannot have the same experiences as in Newcastle. Everything is very close and handy, no matter where you live. The University itself gives so much support to students; the Careers Service at Newcastle is a really big bonus to the University.

Living in Newcastle

Newcastle feels like home – everyone is friendly and the city has everything you could need! No matter where you live, you can get into the centre of town really easily. The shops, bars and restaurants in the city centre mean that there is always somewhere to go or something to do – I have lived here for over four years and still haven’t experienced it all.

Clubs and societies

I am a member of the Pole Dancing (NUPD) society and the Chemical Engineering Society. Both are very different. At NUPD, I have met some of the most genuine and supportive people in the University and the society has a real bond amongst its members. The Chemical Engineering Society is good at getting you together with people from the same course and letting some steam off!


I now live in Pelaw, Gateshead, which is out of the way but suits me better. In Stage 2, I lived in West Jesmond which is very central. It was really easy to find a place to live!

Student finance

I had a part-time bar job which really helped for my first two years. However, as my course got more intense, I was really happy to become a Student Ambassador, as the flexible hours suited me.

Career aspirations

I plan to get on a graduate scheme and become a Chartered Chemical Engineer. The staff in Chemical Engineering and the Careers Service are very good to talk to about where you see yourself and how to get there. The Careers Service’s mock interviews and CV assistance helped me get placements during my time at University, and these should help me when applying to graduate roles.