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Chemical Engineering: MEng (Hons).

The Chemical Engineering department at Newcastle was much smaller than other universities I looked round, whilst still being accredited.

Choosing Newcastle

When I looked round the University, I really liked its layout and location (in the city centre). I'd already heard good things about the city nightlife prior to my application.

Secondly, the Chemical Engineering department at Newcastle was much smaller than other universities I looked round, whilst still being accredited and having good links in industry. This appealed to me as I thought I would be part of a closely-knit course whilst still having the potential to succeed.

Studying Chemical Engineering

I enjoy the closeness that people on my course have developed over the years. It’s a strenuous course which has caused a lot of us to have some long days together n the library. Because of this, we've formed a very close group of friends; we all went on the University ski trip together and are planning to do it again in the future.

My favourite module would probably be the Stage 2 safety module. We learnt about the many safety precautions that have to be made with a chemical plant, based on all the disaster case studies included in the module.

Living in Newcastle

I've lived in Jesmond in my second, third and now fourth year. It has a large student population and is great. There are plenty of fun bars to go to, and loads of restaurants and cafes. It's also a very nice area to live in.

It’s within walking distance of the campus, which - being in the city centre - is great for grabbing lunch or meeting up with a friend. For this reason alone, I feel it is worth studying in Newcastle.

Secondly, the nightlife does not let you down. It has a good reputation for a reason.

Being social

There are many opportunities to join a club or society at Newcastle University.

I was part of the American football society in my first year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Since then, I have played football intramurally, which is really good fun and a great activity to do whilst keeping on top of work and sustaining a social life.

Student accommodation

I spent my first year at Castle Leazes. What is there to say about Castle Leazes, other than it gives you the best university experience!

The sheer size and social vibe that it provides makes up tenfold for what it lacks in luxury. There is always something going on in Castle Leazes, and you constantly meet new people and see new faces.

It’s a great way to kick off your university life. I thoroughly enjoyed my year there and was certainly sad to leave.

Managing your money

You need to prioritise, as funding everything is very difficult.

If you enjoy the nightlife, then budget accordingly. If you enjoy seeing the sights, then budget accordingly for that. If you need a lot of money to maintain your studies, then the lion’s share of your budget will go to that.

You’ll quickly find out that affording everything isn’t plausible, so find what you most want to spend it on and stick with it.

Future plans

I have always wanted to be an engineer. Newcastle University puts forward opportunities for this and has good links with industrial engineering companies.

After studying for four years, I am quite looking forward to taking some time off after I graduate and doing a bit of travelling, all with the knowledge that I can come back and apply for engineering schemes whenever I feel like it.