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Chemical Engineering: MEng (Hons).

I loved the campus. Walking around gave me a feeling that I didn’t experience at any other open day.

Choosing Newcastle

I looked round about five universities before I made my decision on my favourite.

The other universities had some really nice aspects but other things let them down. For example, one university had a really strong Chemical Engineering department, but I didn’t get the vibe I was looking for when viewing the campus or other facilities which it had to offer.

However, when I came to the Newcastle Open Day, I instantly felt like it was the one for me.

The Chemical Engineering department was of a really high standard, especially when compared to the previous departments that I had looked at. Additionally, I loved the campus. Walking around gave me a feeling that I didn’t experience at any other open day. I could actually imagine myself studying here, and I then knew that Newcastle University would be my first choice.

About your course

I really enjoy problem-solving, which is heavily involved in my course. We get frequent tutorial sheets to complete and many assignments. I love the sense of achievement that I get after I spend the time solving a really difficult question, especially when it is graded.

My favourite module so far has probably been Fluid Mechanics. I really enjoyed learning about the different flow systems in pipes and how the addition of pumps, valves and changing the pipe shape affects the different properties of the flow. I also enjoyed analysing the overall energy changes that occur in the system.

Overall, I have very strong lecturers for my course. There have been a few here and there that could do with some improvement on certain aspects of their teaching style, but they're all extremely approachable and make it very easy to ask questions if you have any.

Furthermore, they all are very thorough with their notes. They provide very understandable explanations of topics which make learning and revising as simple as possible.

The ReCap system is extremely useful; all lectures are recorded, so if you miss anything, you don’t fall behind and can easily watch it from home to catch up. This also means that if you didn’t understand something at the time, then you can rewatch it and it may make more sense.

Recommending Newcastle

Although any engineering degree is very challenging, it is also simultaneously very rewarding.

Even though you have very busy schedules and a high workload, it will all be so worth it once you graduate. You'll know that you managed to obtain a difficult degree, and because of that you will be able to pursue a very strong career.

If you're good at and enjoy maths and science, then Chemical Engineering might appeal to you. It's a combination of these subjects, with the addition of problem solving. It involves applying knowledge to real-life situations. This makes it much more interesting, as you can relate the things you learn to the real world, and one day make a difference if you follow it as a career.

Additionally, Newcastle University is a respected Russell Group university, and employers will acknowledge this if you are applying with a degree from here. Therefore, studying an intensive course at such a good university is guaranteed to reward you later in life.

Living in Newcastle

I really like how the University campus is based in the heart of the city. There is so much within walking distance of the University, such as the shopping centre, restaurants, the market, nightclubs, cinemas, bowling and so much more. The fact that everything is so close is such a bonus; you can walk everywhere, which saves money and is also such a convenience.

This makes the area feel even more friendly because you see and interact with people other than students, so you get an even greater feeling of independence whilst living away from home. Additionally, if you need to travel to somewhere a bit further away, then the Metro system makes it so easy and is a very cheap form of public transport.

Clubs and societies

Newcastle University offers such a huge range of societies and clubs that you are spoilt for choice when deciding what to join. There is something for everyone, and such a huge diversity of things to get involved in.

In my first year, I joined the baking society which was lots of fun. We baked different recipes each week with different partners, and you took the food home that you baked, which was a real bonus!

I also joined the 20 Minute Society. They send a text 20 minutes before the start of a mystery event, and you have to get there in time to do a surprise activity such as ice skating or a toga party. I’ve joined the Pilates Society and the Pool and Snooker Club this year, which are both great fun. The Pool Club takes place in a local pool hall and you play against other society members.

All of the societies also have social events throughout the year, such as nights out or bowling trips, so that you can socialise with the members outside of the weekly meetings.

Additionally, I joined the Women in Engineering intramural netball team where we play against other courses or teams in the league every Saturday. This is a great way to get involved with sport at university without having to be on the very competitive and time-consuming teams.


I'm living in Jesmond this year, three minutes from the Philip Robinson Library. This location is so convenient because I am very close to the campus and also to a range of restaurants and pubs in Jesmond.

I was in halls in my first year. Sorting out accommodation was really simple as I did it through the University application for halls; you listed your top choices and were hopefully allocated one of them. I was actually offered my fourth choice but I had an amazing time. It doesn’t matter which of the halls you are in, because you have such a great time in all of them and you're only there for a year.

This year, I've moved into a house with friends. It was simple to do; we looked at online advertisements and went to view different places to see which one we liked. We then signed a contract and sorted out the rent.

Student finance

I would recommend downloading some sort of budget app.

I have one that's really easy to use – I set my weekly budget allowance, and then input expenses and income so that I can easily keep track of my money on the go. It's also really easy because you always have your phone with you, so you won't forget to input anything as you can do it there and then when you buy something.

Career aspirations

I don’t really know what I want to do after I graduate. However, I think that I want to go down the engineering route as I'm really enjoying my studies.

I'm really impressed with the Careers Service at the University; they have a drop-in centre for students every day for questions or advice on career-related matters. They helped me to improve my CV, and they also provide interview help and advice when searching for part-time jobs or degree placements. I think that I will take either a summer or year-long placement next year and I’m sure I will take full advantage of this great service when I do!