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Civil Engineering: MEng (Hons).

I like the modules and I really like how it is a Civil Engineering course from which you can specialise further.

About your course

The diversity of the course is good. Civil Engineering is extremely important today and, because of all the new technology and discoveries being developed, it's going to be exciting to be the person who is orchestrating these new ideas into the existing infrastructure.

The teaching quality on my course is very high. The amount of information through research and testing that goes on in the University is directly associated with the content of the lectures. This gives the lectures a very real and dynamic atmosphere.

Recommending Newcastle

If you are looking to enter the Civil Engineering field, Newcastle University has the best chance of making your degree suited to the industry.

Living in Newcastle

It’s so vibrant, you could spend one night going to a Jazz Bar and the next to a high-end club and the next going to see Wicked. It's nearly the ‘room of requirements’ from Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling) as a city.

Clubs and societies

I have been part of Engineers Without Borders (EWB), Civil Engineering and Geosciences Society (CegSoc), Newcastle University Jazz Orchestra (NUJO), and Squash.

They have been great; for example, EWB have guest public speakers and take trips to increase your engineering understanding of different denominations. CegSoc has had some great socials, including a course-led three day holiday that got us as a year group to get to know other people on our course. They also have numerous nights out and talks.

NUJO is a fantastic Jazz Orchestra with lots of people and great socials. Everyone is so nice and the gigs are amazing, with high quality jazz musicians playing for fun. Squash was a great activity where I met other people and played the games at weekends. I didn’t play for the team but just for the social side.


I lived in Windsor Terrace in the first year, and then in the centre of town, and then in Heaton. Each move was easy and there is loads of accommodation around the area. Windsor Terrace was really nice and kitted out well, with two fridges and freezers for six people. The living room was a great place to chill out with friends, but also when revision started it was a great place to have a gathering.

Student finance

I like to live somewhere which is accessible (which is most of Newcastle!) as I want to retreat to it after a hard day’s work from being in university 9 till 5. Everywhere is in walking distance and the city centre is right next to campus. There are loads of supermarkets where there are deals all the time.

My personal budget tip is that if you have a blender you can make your own tomato sauce by blending tinned tomatoes and adding herbs and you save a couple of quid.

Career aspirations

I want to work for the water industry and help overseas in countries where the water supply is not as good - maybe work for a charity sending aid, or helping to construct reservoirs and dams around the world. This can be done through companies where they have projects overseas, and it gives me the opportunity to finally go on a plane to see the rest of the world.