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Electrical and Electronic Engineering: BEng (Hons).

The University goes out of their way to take care of you from the time you arrive at the airport. This support continues throughout your studies.

About me

My hobbies generally are based around spending time with my friends. We love going to watch a movie, exploring different cuisines, going on trips, playing sports or going to the gym. Sometimes we just enjoy staying in and cooking together.

I have always enjoyed circuit building; it is quite fascinating to see the process of going from a circuit diagram to an actual working circuit.

I also enjoy learning about the concepts of devices and applications that we use in our daily lives, such as washing machines, mobile phones and electric vehicles. My modules were a perfect match to help me explore and develop these interests.

Choosing Newcastle

I had applied to several universities, but Newcastle University had a lot to offer. It is also a Russell Group university, which was a bonus.

I was very happy being accepted onto the BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) programme. Throughout the application process, I received regular emails from the University providing advice and guidance. I found this very useful, especially being an international student.

The modules were the first thing that attracted me to the programme, as I had a background in Physics and Mathematics.

I was also quite impressed by the wide variety of labs available. It was clear that there was an emphasis on practical laboratory work, which I was really excited to see.

Recommending Newcastle

I would recommend that people study at Newcastle University as, for most people, coming to university is the first time away from home. It is scary, but the University goes out of its way to take care of you, from the time you arrive at the airport. This support continues throughout your studies.

Generally, the University gives you all the support you would need like a family would.

Studying at Newcastle

The best thing about being a student at Newcastle University is that no matter what your situation is, there is always someone there to help. For example, if it's to do with your course, then your personal tutor is your immediate source of help. There are also plenty of support staff available to help and support you.

The Students' Union (NUSU) and the Student Wellbeing Centre will help you with any problems you may have. The Nightline service, offered by NUSU, is available when you just need someone to talk to.

The Career Service team will help you write a good and effective CV or cover letter, provide practice interviews and find job opportunities.

The various student societies give you the opportunity to meet people and make friends outside of your course.

One of the best things about my programme is the fact that we spend a lot of time in labs. We learn important practical skills as well as putting theory into practice. This is fundamental in building your confidence and experience. You'll learn to design, build and test circuits as well as programming them.

I think this is an important skill to have as we move on to the world out there as engineers. The lecturers go above and beyond to make sure that we understand what we’re taught and to ensure that we learn how to think like engineers.

I have enjoyed every part of my time at Newcastle University with friends from my course and friends from the different societies which I have been a member of. Basically, the whole experience from the start of my degree has been a memorable one which I will never forget.

Living in Newcastle

I enjoy how most places are a walking distance away. Even if it’s not within the city centre, Newcastle has strong public transport links. Most importantly, whatever your budget, the cost of living in Newcastle is much lower than elsewhere.

Getting involved

There are over 160 societies on campus, so wherever your interest may lie you will find a society that is suitable for you. You can join as many societies as you can keep up with; I am part of the Islamic society and the Afro-Caribbean society.

Different schools in the University also provide opportunities for their students to get involved in. For example, I am a student ambassador and I help at events such as open days.

Top tips

My advice would be to come into the course with the aspirations to work as hard as you possibly can but also to have the best time while doing it.

You should also be willing to meet new people, to try out new things, and to be open-minded.

Lastly, I would suggest having a good set of friends as they will be your support system throughout your degree.

I was very nervous when coming to Newcastle University because I was coming to a new place. However, my advice would be not to let your fear take over as the University will take good care of you.

Remembering Newcastle

My fondest memories of Newcastle University are the time I spent with my friends.

Although your studies are very important, it's the friendships we make and the experiences we have that will stay with you forever.

Future plans

I'm hoping to pursue postgraduate study at Newcastle University.