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Electronic and Computer Engineering: MEng (Hons).

After intensive research, I decided that Newcastle University was exactly what I was looking for because it prepared students for the challenges they may face.

About me

Since my arrival in Newcastle, I have widened my pool of interests and hobbies such as my favourite pastime of football, whether watching or playing. It was one of many reasons of why I felt motivated to study in Newcastle since the area is famous for their top-tier football clubs.

Besides that, I’ve been passionate about gaming since my childhood which is why I enrolled in various regional Esports teams as well as participating in some of Newcastle University’s gaming societies. Above all, I enjoy reading topics related to my field of study as it keeps me informed of the development which is essential to my work.

I like cryptography and telecommunication networking and how the combination of those fields ensures the security and integrity of data in modern day systems.

Choosing Newcastle

I was determined to attend the best-suited university and an educationally ambitious university that upholds a reputation of developing highly accredited and sought after graduates. After intensive research, I concluded that Newcastle University was exactly what I was looking for because it prepared students for the challenges they may face in life and went beyond them.

Since my childhood, I’ve always looked up to my father as the perfect role model who has inspired me to follow his footsteps in everything he did, which led me to study Computer Engineering. As always, my father’s footsteps have guided me to participate positively in society because it inspires me to contribute to the ever-evolving technological age that will improve our future.

I can’t stress how thankful I am to be surrounded by a diverse set of brilliant minds when I studied with Electrical and Electronic Engineering. My experiences have only made me more passionate in regards to my studies, which is why I strive to reach the highest potential.

Recommending Newcastle

I highly recommend any forward thinking individual to consider attending Newcastle University since it provides an encouraging environment where students can thrive academically and socially.

Studying at Newcastle

The best thing about being a Newcastle University student is the high standards the University sets for its zealous students. Newcastle University is renowned for having a highly motivated teaching staff who provide an incentive for the student to excel in learning. The student is also provided with a wealth of social and cultural diversity due to the fusion of different backgrounds in a productive environment which makes university life much more fulfilling.

The program offers an in-depth knowledge of computers systems and their real-life implementations. The program is structured to enable the student to learn different aspects of this technology, its applications and social effects. It also provides a hands-on learning experience which facilitates an overall learning experience by providing all the material and online support for enquiring minds seeking knowledge and real-life experience, as well as maintaining the social and ethical experience within the learning environment. I feel that I will have an education for a lifetime experience and will always refer back to my learning here to solve work and life problems.

One of my fondest memories of Newcastle University is the feeling that I got when I handed in the dissertation after working on it all year long. I was lucky enough to receive a dissertation topic that I'm very interested in which was Encryption and Security. I remember spending countless hours finishing my research and the satisfaction I would get from completing a section in the report; it was like fitting in all the pieces in a puzzle.

Living in Newcastle

I enjoyed Newcastle’s lively atmosphere which would brighten up anyone’s day, thanks to the local community that is known for their supportive attitude. I appreciated how Newcastle catered to various cultural differences such as the restriction of pork in Islam so instead, it would be replaced by a halal substitute. The honour of having the opportunity to learn the rich history of the area is enough reason on its own.

Getting involved

The Student Union is filled with activities and societies that are always very friendly and inviting, from sporting teams to country-based societies that create a friendly atmosphere and create a homely feeling. Each group within the School of Engineering has its own society as well, which also gives an opportunity for people to get to know their classmates in an outside-the-class experience.

Top tips

Be well organised and well prepared for classes. Technology is ever changing and developing, so further reading in regards to some of the developments in some of the topics I took at the University is essential. This gave me an edge when exploring some of these topics and how they changed.

The University provides everything students need and there is no reason to worry about anything. The staff stand by our side and guide us in our journey through the University and help us in any inquiries or difficulties that we face.

Remembering Newcastle

Given my five years spent studying at Newcastle University, it’s hard to pick a favourite. Whether it is the time I enjoyed with the friends I made or the peaceful silence of the library where I would do my research, I hold each memory dear to my heart.

Future plans

I plan to develop my education by pursuing a Doctorate in Encryption and Telecommunication systems. I would also love to finish my Chartered Engineering qualification, since I have already met the educational requirements.