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Mechanical Engineering: BEng (Hons).

I joined a twinning programme back in India with links to Newcastle University. Newcastle also has a good reputation when it comes to Engineering.

About your course

It is quite challenging and keeps me busy. It also makes me think quite a lot, since it isn’t easy at all. The labs and practicals keep us motivated, giving us an insight into the actual engineering world.

Recommending Newcastle

The University has everything you will require. For people like me, this course is ideal.

About Newcastle

A small city, but quite entertaining, with good places to go out during the day and night. There are a lot of opportunities for nature enthusiasts and the surroundings are beautiful.

Clubs and societies

There is a wide choice; I could basically pick a sport and it would be available! I haven’t had the time to join a society, but if I had time, I sure would!

Living in Newcastle

I live in Fenham, which has decent housing. It was pretty easy to find somewhere to live.