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Mechanical Engineering: MEng (Hons).

I chose Newcastle because it has a good reputation, not only for Mechanical Engineering, but for student life.

Choosing Newcastle

In addition, it is fairly close to home, so I could pop back to my parents easily.

Finally, after visiting Newcastle before, I found I liked the city centre and the staff within the University appeared friendly.

About your course

I like the free range I get with my final year project. I am currently working on the Formula Student Project, so I get to design and build an electronic racing car. The other students I’m working with are friendly and, together, we are learning a lot about not only electric cars, but how to run a project in a professional manner.

Recommending Newcastle

It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s definitely worth it. The lecturers and students are very personable. It’s very rewarding to be learning about something I enjoy doing. If you want to do Engineering, this University is definitely one of the best places for it.

About Newcastle

It has everything you need – the shops, bars and clubs. If you need more shops, then the MetroCentre is not very far away.

Clubs and societies

There are a wide range of clubs and activities. I struggle to think of someone I know who isn’t a member of one. I am currently a member of the Motor Sport Society which allows me to go go-karting several times a year.

Living in Newcastle

I live in Heaton. It was easy to find a place, but we starting looking quite early (around January). Heaton is about a 30 minute walk from town. It’s easily accessible by car, Metro and bike. It is easy to get to the coast too.