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Mechanical Engineering: MEng (Hons).

I chose to study at Newcastle due to the high ranking it had for Mechanical Engineering and the modules available on the course.

About the course

The course has a large variety of engineering modules with the ability to specialise more if you want. Also the Gear Design Unit housed in the Stephenson Building is one of the world leaders in gear engineering, and gaining knowledge from them will greatly help with my future career.

While studying at Newcastle, the thing I liked most was the design and practical side of the course. There are a wide variety of practical labs and design parts of the course that allow your engineering theory to be used and tested.

Clubs and societies

In first and second year I joined Newcastle Women’s Rugby Union. I was a total beginner and had only watched the sport but with great coaching and links with Newcastle Falcons I was able to progress into the first team and help the squad get promoted to the premier league of BUCS, which was fantastic.

Being part of a team, especially when you are away from family and friends, really helped me to adjust to life at university and I had such good support from the other team members who had been at Newcastle for several years. It was great to be part of something, and the teamwork I learnt also helped with my degree and improved my confidence.

About Newcastle

Newcastle as a city is absolutely fantastic. The shopping is great, it’s easy to get around, the people are friendly and the nightlife is super. It has everything a large city like London has to offer but condensed, making it easier to get around. Within 10 minutes' drive you can be out in the countryside and go on a leisurely stroll. The beach is within easy reach using the Metro transport system, which can take you to the central station, airport or even Sunderland.


I am returning to my sponsor company, Reliance Precision Ltd. Obtaining my degree at Newcastle has helped to open up a lot of opportunities that would not have been available to me without my degree. The module Design of Mechanical Power Transmissions has helped my understanding of gears etc, which helps me greatly in a design role at the company as we design actuation systems with gears.