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Discover MBA Scholarships with Faith Dada

26 January 2023

Faith Dada is part of our current MBA programme cohort and is this year’s recipient of the Advancing Women in Leadership Scholarship.

The scholarship supports women who want to improve their professional development and reach new levels through the MBA programme. Recipients of the scholarship also receive mentoring from a member of Newcastle University Business School’s Senior Leadership Team.

Faith shares her experience of receiving the scholarship and how this will help her achieve her goals.

What made you decide to study our MBA programme?

I was at a point in my career that I knew I needed to equip myself with global managerial skills. After deciding that an MBA was the answer, I needed to find a school that would fit the main criteria I had for this – accreditation, the way in which the modules were delivered and the city where the business school was located.


When choosing the right school for my MBA programme, I wanted to study at a triple-accredited school. Not only does Newcastle University Business School have these credentials, but Newcastle University are also part of the renowned Russel Group.


I wanted to study an MBA where I could learn practical skills, which I could apply to my job role. In my previous education, I had studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration where I was taught theoretical concepts and ideologies. After working in the industry as a manager, I was faced with real business problems. I was really looking for an MBA that would give me opportunities to look at real life business problems and explore how to navigate them. As soon as I read about the School’s Business in Action module, that was another area ticked.


I wanted to study in a city that was very student friendly as I knew this was paramount to my adaptability. While doing my research, I found out that Newcastle is one of the most student friendly cities in the United Kingdom and that appealed to me.

These three areas were my top priorities when searching for the right MBA programme for me.

Headshot of MBA student Faith Dada

How has the scholarship supported your studies?

The scholarship has been of immense support to me mentally and financially. It has helped me to focus more on my studies and allowed me to not worry too much about the cost-of-living crisis. This is truly a blessing, and I am grateful to Newcastle University Business School. I hope to be an ambassador of this award, so I can carry the torch and be a source of great support to other people in the future.

How have you found Semester 1?

Semester 1 has been quite intense, yet transformative and exciting. I say intense because I did not expect the amount of work that was involved. I think I underplayed it in my head when coming here that this was going to be a walk in the park, but it has stretch me in a good way.

I had to do a lot of unlearning and relearning of beliefs, concepts, and ideologies that I thought was the best way and see diverse views and opinions from a broader perspective (thanks to the diversity in my cohort). This has allowed me to grow into a more well-rounded individual.

I am excited about the possibilities that are before me, so I can achieve my dream of being a global leader in one of the top global firms.

Faith Dada, MBA student

Are there any skills you have developed on the MBA so far that you are excited to take into Semester 2?

I have developed some great skills to take into Semester 2. One is networking. This is a life skill that everyone who wants to succeed must have. I have always thought I could network properly but I have developed a better way of networking with professionals and global leaders. Following the MBA programme, I will continue to develop this skill, as it will open a lot of doors in places I never could imagine.

I am also taking the teamwork and collaborative skills I have built in Semester 1 into Semester 2. These will allow me to work better when in team situations on the programme, which includes group presentations.


What are you excited about for the future?

I am excited about the possibilities that are before me, so I can achieve my dream of being a global leader in one of the top global firms.

The MBA has opened my eyes to these possibilities and with the diverse cohort, I already have a great support system from different parts of the world to help my dreams and ambitions, which I am excited about.


How will the MBA impact your career?

The MBA would progress my career and open up a range of global opportunities that would help me achieve my dreams. The mentor-mentee relationship is one of the ways this can be achieved.

The programme will also refine my skills and expertise and identify any gaps in my skill set that I need to strengthen. This includes finetuning my networking skills and transforming my leadership and collaborative skills. My career is about to experience a major positive shift and I am excited about this.


Is there anything you would like to say those who support and contribute to the scholarship fund?

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has contributed and supported me towards the scholarship. You are such a blessing to the world, and we are immensely grateful for your unwavering support. The seeds you sow would grow to become trees of positive change in our world.