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Autonomous vehicles for intelligent intervention

Autonomous vehicles for intelligent intervention

Developing a system to enable ROVs to identify and correct problems in deep ocean environments.

Project leader

Dr Maryam Haroutunian


2019 to 2023

Project staff

Academic staff


  • Mr Ioannis Polymenis (PhD candidate)


EPSRC DTP (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Doctoral Training Partnership)


Faults or damage to infrastructure in harsh or remote environments can pose a threat to humans or the environment. Such locations might include deep oceans, outer space and sites which have been subject to natural disasters. In these locations, human intervention may not be technically or economically feasible. In the case of deep oceans, the use of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) may be impractical. The umbilical cables restrict their movement. The cost of the necessary support vessel and skilled human operators is also prohibitive.

We are developing an autonomous robotic system able to identify problems. It will then decide upon and carry out intelligent physical interventions to mitigate them.