School of Engineering

Staff Profile

Dr Glynn Atkinson

Senior Lecturer


Glynn is a member of the Electrical Power research group.

Research Interests

Electrical machine design using soft magnetic composites

Soft magnetic composites allow the designer to produce electromagnetic components with full three dimensional freedom, opening up the possibiolity for new machine topologies with improved performance.  Using 3D design techniques a variety of machine types are being investigated and prototypes with applications including automotive and domestic appliances.

Fault tolerant electrical machines for Aerospace applications

Aerospace systems are increasingly being replaced by electrical systems for reduced mass and increased efficiency.  For many aerospace systems fault tolerance is paramount in order for the electrical system to meet the stringent reliability level required.  Research is being carried out in the design of fault tolerant electrical machines for secondary and flight critical systems.


Undergraduate Teaching

EEE3002 Electrical Machines
EEE2010 Electrical Engineering II

Postgraduate Teaching

EEE 8016 Electrical Machines and their applications