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Guoyu Fu

An exploration of the micro machinability of polymer nanoparticles.


Project supervisors

Dr Dehong Huo

Project description

I am exploring the micro machinability of polymer nanoparticles. I am investigating machined surface quality, tool wear, and materials removal mechanisms. I am using experimental and computational research methods.

I am reviewing previous research on machining of loaded polymer nanoparticles. This review will establish a body of systemic knowledge and state-of-the-art research. I will investigate the effects of various parameters on the machining characteristics. Parameters include reinforcement materials, volume fraction and cutting parameters. Characteristics include surface morphology, burr formation, cutting force and specific cutting energy.

I will explore the change of microstructure within nanoparticles. I will evaluate the size effect in a variety of processes. Processes include the milling process, the experimental milling process, and computational modelling. This will provide a comprehensive understanding of the change of cutting mechanism. I will explore this under various cutting conditions with tool wear progression in the micro-milling process.

I will establish finite element models. The models will simulate the behaviour of nanoparticles such as tool-particles interaction, chip formation behaviours and machined surface morphology during machining. I will compare the machinability between different nanoparticles. I will investigate the percentage particle effect reduction on the material removal mechanism.



  • Bachelor Degree, Tianjin University
  • MSc Degree, Newcastle University