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Access thousands of off-site journals using the Desktop Delivery Service

4 January 2023

The Research Reserve is a state-of-the-art offsite storage facility at Team Valley, which houses over 250,000 journals and many other collections such as books, theses, Special Collections, and paintings. The sheer number of journals on offer provide access to over one million journal articles which can be scanned and sent as electronic versions.

The Desktop Delivery Service allows you to have Research Reserve journal articles scanned and delivered directly to your email within 24 hours*.

To use this service, journal articles can be requested by using Library Search to search for a journal, click on ‘Request scan/borrow’, if the required journal is available, or by filling out the request form. Please try and include as much detail as possible to help the Library Assistants find your article and satisfy the request.

The scanned article will be delivered to your university email address, where it can be downloaded and printed off.

We do not scan items that are already available electronically through Library Search and we can only fulfil requests for up to one scanned article or 10% of an issue due to copyright restrictions.

How to request a journal from the Research Reserve

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Explore journals at the Research Reserve

To find out more about the Desktop Delivery Service read the Help & FAQs or contact the Stores team at

* Service standards ensure requests are fulfilled within 24 hours, this may take longer over the weekends or on bank holidays. You have 30 days to download your article before it is ‘archived’ and no longer available.