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Researchers: copyright and rights retention

Newcastle University has formally launched our Research Publications and Copyright Policy as part of its commitment to improving access to and the reach of research.

The University has worked collectively with the other institutions in the N8 Research Partnership in support of Rights Retention and in January 2023 issued a joint statement outlining their commitment to it.

What does it mean for researchers? 

Through this policy, authors will retain the right to make a copy of their Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) immediately Open Access through a repository under a CC BY license (Creative Commons Attribution License), irrespective of embargo periods stipulated by publishers.

This will not only mean that authors’ articles are immediately available for all to access, thus extending the potential reach and impact of the research, but it will also make it easier for authors to adhere to the Open Access policies set out by funders. 

How can you find out more?  

The Open Access team within the Library are planning a programme of talks across the University along with hosting Zoom drop-in sessions to support colleagues in transitioning to the new policy. The team can also provide additional guidance on open research practices. Visit the Training and Development webpages to access the full calendar of events.

Last updated 17 March 2023, 16:30.