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Recording Online Teaching

Recording Online Teaching

Colleagues should plan to record synchronous online sessions and make this available to their cohort via the VLE. 

Unlike present-in-person sessions delivered in a teaching room, online synchronous delivery will not be recorded automatically via ReCap. Creating recordings and making these available for students on the VLE requires manual intervention by the teaching team. Additional action is required for captioning/transcription of these sessions (which is a legal requirement for recordings held for longer than 2 weeks).

The steps you need to follow vary depending on whether you are using Teams or Zoom for your online teaching. 

Depending on the nature of your session, the in-meeting chat may be a useful resource for students. The guides include information on how chat is managed by Teams and Zoom. (Note:University etiquette guidance [19] recommends informing students before manually saving and sharing chat.)

Before recording an online session  

Guidance from colleagues in NUIT suggests that if a session is to be recorded, that this information should be communicated to the whole cohort in advance. 

  • A note on Canvas to say this session will be recorded, or an email to the cohort, is enough. 
  • You should also let students coming into the session know that it is being recorded and give them the choice to turn off their video. This might take the form of an introductory slide which you show as people are entering the virtual room. 
  • You should also let students know who will have access to the recording and for how long.

For example: 

This session is being recorded. Only those on this module will have access to this recording for the duration of their programme at Newcastle University. If you prefer not to appear in the recording you have the option to turn off your video, and use the chat to post questions/make comments.