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Staff Profile

Staff Profile

Dr Sue Abbott

Senior Lecturer in Management

Dr Neveen Abdelrehim

Senior lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Abduljaber Abdulqader

Desktop Support Analyst

Dr Susan Addison

Teaching Fellow in Strategy, Organisations and Society

Dr Yousry Ahmed

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Dr Wasim Ahmed

Lecturer in Digital Business

Dr Habiba Al-Shaer

Lecturer in Accounting

Dr Eleftherios Alamanos

Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Director of Accreditation

Dr Neil Alderman

Senior Lecturer

Kylie Aldridge

Marketing Manager, NUBS

Dr Elizabeth Alexander

Reader in International Management

Dr Robert Allen

Senior Teacher

Dr Achila Amarasinghe

Lecturer in Business and Marketing

Dr Robert Anderson

Lecturer in Economics

Emeritus Professor Tony Appleyard

Emeritus Professor

Ellen Arkless

Assistant Education Manager (Student Experience)

Dr Faten Baddar Alhusan

Lecturer in International Human Resource Management

Dr Benjamin Bader

Deputy Head of Leadership, Work and Organisation and Senior Lecturer in international HRM

Dr Hanna Bahemia

Lecturer in Technology and Innovation Management

Vajira Balasuriya


Professor Greg Bamber

Visiting Professor

Dr David Barlow

Melis Besen

Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Dr Saurabh Bhattacharya

Senior Lecturer

Ian Birtwistle

Computing Officer

Dr Ana Bogdanovic

Lecturer in Marketing Degree Programme Director of NN52 - Marketing and Management BSc. Hons.

Dr Roberto Bonilla Trejos

Lecturer in Economics

Karen Boyd

Senior Teacher

Professor Nils Braakmann

Professor of Economics

Professor Matthew Brannan

Deputy Director

Steve Bremner

Student Conversion Coordinator

Robin Brown

Lily Bullimore

Student Conversion Coordinator

Dr Clare Butler

Senior Lecturer in Work and Employment

Paul Campbell

Global Careers Consultant

Sarah Carnegie

Lecturer in Human Resource Management

Dr Rebecca Casey

Lecturer in Information Systems Mgmt

Shelagh Cauwood

Academic Co-ordinator International Exchanges Programme

Dr Bo Che

Lecturer in Accounting

Professor Stephen Chen

Prof of International Management

Khang-Wai Chew

Professor Susan Chilton

Professor of Economics

Jo Clark

Lisa Clark

Lecturer in HRM&D

Sarah Clarkson

Education Assistant

Dr Andrew Close

Samantha Colman

Engagement Coordinator

Lynsey Cooper

Education Assistant

Dr Sandra Corlett

SeniorLecturer in Leader Dev&Org Futures

Dr Ian Corrick

Lecturer in Economics

Professor Louise Crawford

Deputy Director of Research and Professor of Accounting

Georgia Critchley

Education Assistant

Laura Cunningham

Facilities Coordinator / Receptionist

Helen Currie

Lecturer in Accounting

Dr Ronnie Das

Lecturer in Digital Marketing & Data Analytics

Dr Jenny Davidson

SeniorLecturer in Leader Dev&Org Futures

Dr Shanta Davie

Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Jess Dawson

Education Assistant

Jasmine de Sinno

Education Assistant

Dr Salvatore Di Novo

Research Associate

Ben Dickson-Green

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Dr Diemo Dietrich

Chair Board of Studies and Co-lead Research & Impact

Roberta Discetti

Research Assistant - Strength2Food

Debbie Dixon

Engagement Assistant

Emeritus Professor Ian Dobbs

Emeritus Professor

Professor Jingxin Dong

Professor of Operations Management

Dr Xueqi Dong

Lecturer in Economics

Nicola Downey

Education Assistant

Kimberley Drummond

PA to Director

Susan Dunnington

Education Assistant Manager

Professor Darren Duxbury

Chair in Finance

Dr Yulia Dzenkovska

Lecturer in Marketing

Dave Eason

Int'l Student Recruitment Manager

Dr Barbara Eberth

Lecturer in Economics; Senior Tutor in Economics (UG)

Dr Peter Eckersley

Visiting Fellow

Dr Peter Edward

Lecturer in International Business Management

Dr Ekaete Efretuei

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Dr Karen Elliott

Senior Lecturer in Enterprise/Innovation (FinTech)

Dr Marwa Elnahass

Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance and The School's Ethics Convenor

Dr Anastasios Evgenidis

Lecturer in Economics

Ingrid Fairfax McMaster

Events Co-ordinator

Professor Giorgio Fazio

Prof of Macroeconomics

Deborah Forbes

Chris Ford

Anneka Forsyth

Education Assistant

Dr Claudia Gabbioneta

Reader in Professions and Organizations

Professor Bartosz Gebka

Professor of Finance

Professor Atanu Ghoshray

Professor of Economics

Dr Andreas Giazitzoglu

Senior Lecturer.

Dr Jane Gibbon

Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Stephanie Gibson

Head of Business Planning and Governance

Dr Josephine Go Jefferies

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Artyom Golossenko

Lecturer in Marketing

Professor Matthew Gorton

Professor in Marketing

Professor Dimitrios Gounopoulos

Visiting Fellow

Dr Diana Gregory-Smith

Reader in Marketing; Research & Impact Lead for MOS group

Dr David Grundy

Director of Digital Education

Professor Suraksha Gupta

Professor of Marketing

Joshua Haist

Lecturer in International Management & HRM

Donald Halliday

Senior Teacher

Professor Charles Harvey

Professor of Business History and Management

Dr Lucy Hatt

Senior Lecturer in Leadership

Sheila Heppel

Research Coordinator

Barbara Hepple

Finance Coordinator

Professor Christian Hicks

Professor of Operations Management

Professor David Higgins

Prof of Accounting & Finance

Dr Andrew Holden

Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Gill Holden

DPD BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance programmes, Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Gillian Holmes

Admissions Selector for Accounting and Finance

Nick Howey

Lecturer in Information Management

Dr Jiayao Hu

Lecturer in Operations and SCM

Professor Stephen Hughes

Professor of International Organisations

Dr Kristina Humonen

ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Lynne Humphrey

Teaching Associate

Kevin Hunter

Senior Teacher

Professor Simon Hussain

Professor of Accounting

Keira Iveson

Education Assistant

Dr Dimitry Jacob

Lecturer in International Management

Dr Joanne James

Reader in Leader Dev & Org Futures

Dr Jakov Jandric

Lecturer in Work and Employment

Dr Harsh Jha

Lecturer Quantitative Methods Management

Linda Jobling

Education Assistant

Ross Johnson

Education Assistant

Dr Jonathan Jones

Lecturer - Economics; DPD for BA (Hons) Economics and Business Management (LN12)

Louise Jones

Acceditation and Business Planning Manager

Dr Jas Kalra

Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Dr Komal Kalra

Lecturer in International Management

Dr Rama Kanungo

Lecturer in Finance, Degree Programme Director of MSc Banking & Finance Programme, Senior Tutor

Sonia Kapoor

Research Coordinator

Charles Kemp

Teaching Fellow

Dr Jonathan Kimmitt

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Ashleigh King

Alumni Relations Manager

Dr Francis Kiraly

Lecturer in Economics

Dr Susan Kirk

Deputy Subject Group Head, Leadership, Work and Organisation and Senior Lecturer in International Human Resource Management

Susanne Laidler

Education Administrator

Dr David Lain

Senior Lecturer in Employment Studies and Degree Programme Director for the Global Human Resource Management MSc

Claire Lavender

Education Administrator PS

Emeritus Professor John Leopold

Emeritus Professor

Dr Paul Lewis

Lecturer in Operations Management

Dr Kate Lewis

Reader in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Dr Xi Li


Dr Teng Li

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Dr Xin Li

Senior Lecturer in International Management

Dr Andrew Lindridge

Reader in Marketing

Marian Lisgo

Education Assistant

Dr Jose Liu

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Dr Lana Liu

Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Dr Ana Lopes

Lecturer in Human Resource Management

Dr Martí Lopez Andreu

Senior Lecturer in HRM and Employment Relations

Dr Marco Lorusso

Lecturer in Economics

Dr Haiyan Lu

Lecturer in Ops & Supply Chain Mgmt

Dr Hannah Lynch

Research Manager

Daniel MacDermid

Operations Assistant

Dr Ewan Mackenzie

Lecturer in Work and Employment

Frank Madray

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Dr Sara Maioli

Senior Lecturer in Economics and Director of Post-Graduate Research

Professor William Maloney

Interim Director of Newcastle University Business School

Professor Danae Manika

Visiting Professor

Professor Abigail Marks

Prof of Future of Work

Judith Martin

People Services Assistant

Dr Chiara Marzocchi

Lecturer (Entrepreneurship & Innovation)

Professor Natasha Mauthner

Director of Research

Professor Sharon Mavin

Professor of Leadership and Organization Studies

Sophie Mayall

People Services Coordinator

Angela Mazzetti

Senior Lecturer in Management Practice & Degree Programme Director for the N200 Programme

Diana McAlpine

Engagement Officer

Dawn McCartie

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Professor David McCollum-Oldroyd

Professor of Accounting

Toni McEwan

Building Support Assistant

Professor Tom McGovern

Prof of Business History & Management

Katie McHugh

Education Assistant

Professor Alan McKinlay

Prof of Human Resource Management

Dr Josie McLaren

Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance; Subject Group Head Accounting and Finance

Philip Morey

Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Dr Victoria Mountford-Brown

Lecturer in Creativity &Entrepreneurship

Professor Iain Munro

Prof of Leadership & Org Change

Dr Irene Mussio

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Marriam Nauman

MBA Conversion Coordinator

Dr Cristina Neesham

Reader in Bus Ethics & Corp Social Resp

Dr Mitchell Ness

Senior Teacher

Dr Minh Nguyen

Lecturer in Finance/ Degree Programme Director MSc Finance

Professor Alastair Nicholson

Senior Teacher

Dr Cezara Nicoara

Lecturer in Marketing; Degree Programme Director BSc. Marketing

Dr Jytte Seested Nielsen

Reader in Economics

Anna O'Doherty

Education Officer (Student Experience)

Michaela O'Doherty

Facilities Manager

Professor Barbara O'Toole

Senior Teacher

Andy Oldroyd

Desktop Support Analyst

David Ormston-Simpson

Education Assistant Manager

Sue Orr

Research Administrator

Dr Victoria Pagan

Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management

Eftychia Palamida

Lecturer in Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Dr Gu Pang

Visiting Researcher

Professor Savvas Papagiannidis

David Goldman Prof of Innovation & Enterprise

Dr Nikolaos Papanikolaou

Senior Lecturer in Finance

Dr Melanie Parravano Baro

Lecturer in Economics

Dr Simon Parry

Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Dr Robin Pesch

Senior Lecturer in International Management & Degree Programme Director for International Business Management UG

Chris Petherbridge

Education Assistant

David Platt

Education Team Leader

Professor Stephen Procter

Alcan Chair of Management

Kay Pryer

Education Administrator PCL

Dr Roxana Radulescu

DPD - Combined and Joint Honours Programmes in the Business School

Alison Rees

Education Assistant

Dr Stefanie Reissner

Reader in Management and Organization Studies

Karen Richards

Senior Lecturer in International Management Practice, Degree Programme Director MSc International Marketing

Dr Paul Richter

Lecturer Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Dr Stephanie Roberts

Project Administrator

Ian Robinson

Hannah Rogers

Building Support Assistant

Alan Ross

Operations Administrator

Steven Sadi

Corporate Relations Manager

Professor Jonathan Sapsed

Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Dr Riikka Savolainen

Lecturer in Economics

Johannes Schmalisch


Professor Klaus Schoefer

Chair in Marketing

Dr Tracy Scurry

Associate Dean (Undergraduate) HaSS Faculty, Senior Lecturer in HRM

Professor John Sessions

Professor of Economics - The Sir David Dale Chair

Kirsty Setz-Clarke

Int'l Student Recruitment Manager

Dr Deeya Sewraj

Lecturer in Finance

Dr Smriti Sharma

Lecturer in Economics and Research Community Lead for Economics

Jen Simpson

Careers Consultant (Business School)

Jo Singh

Captured Programme Coordinator

Sharon Slaymaker

Education Assistant

Dr Grega Smrkolj

Lecturer in Economics, Academic Lead for Education, Enhancement and Employability in Economics

Christopher Soan

Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Professor Robert Sollis

Professor of Financial Economics

Dr Xiaojing Song

Senior Lecturer in Finance, DPD MSc Banking and Finance

Dr Amy Stabler

Senior Lecturer in Leadership Development & Organisation Futures

Dr Pascal Stiefenhofer

Senior Lecturer, PhD Convenor Department of Economics

Dr Chen Su

Senior Lecturer

Louise Suddese

Accreditation and Data Administrator

Dr Elaine Tan

Lecturer Marketing Degree Programme Director N500

Dr Alexander Tevi

Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Khansaa Tezeny

Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Amy Thompson

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Fiona Thompson

Lecturer in Marketing

Les Tickner

Dr Barbara Tocco

Senior Research Associate

Dr Vu Trinh

Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Cissie Tsang

Collaborative Projects Manager

Dr Sze Nie Ung

Lecturer in Economics

Dr Brian Varian

Lecturer in Economics

Dr Arturo Vega

Lecturer in Innovation and Policy

Dr Wessel Vermeulen

Lecturer in Macroeconomics

Dr Laurence Vigneau

Lecturer in International Management; Degree Programme Director MSc International Business Management

Professor Steve Vincent

Professor of Work and Organisation

Professor Gabriele Vosseberg

Deputy Director

Andrew Wade

Education Administrator PCL

James Wade

Internationalisation Manager

Olivia Walters

Research Support Assistant

Helen Wass

Education Assistant Manager

Carolyn Watkin

Education Administrator PGR

Dr Judith Watson


Dr Till Weber

Lecturer in Economics

Kim Weston

Education Manager

Jan Wharton

Building Support Assistant

Dr Fiona Whitehurst

Senior Lecturer in Management and Director of Impact

Professor Andrea Whittle

Chair in Management and Organization Studies

Tracey Wilson

Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Aaron Winder

Education Administrator - Student Exp

Professor Colin Wren

Professor of Applied Microeconomics

Abbie Wright

Finance Assistant

Emma Wright

Education Administrator - PS

Dr Zhijuan Wu

Lecturer in Accounting&Finance, DPD of MSc International Financial Analysis

Dr Doris Xin

Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Dr Ying Yang

Senior Lecturer in Operations Management Deputy Head of the MOS Subject Group

Professor Natalia Yannopoulou

Professor of Marketing, Head of Marketing, Operations and Systems Subject Group

Dr Qionglei Yu

Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Degree Programme Director of MSc International Marketing

Dr Sara Zaeemdar

Lecturer in Organisation Studies

Dr Sawlat Zaman