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Dr Maria Pregnolato

EPSRC Research Fellow


Maria Pregnolato is an EPSRC Research Fellow in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University, and ITRC-MISTRAL affiliated Fellow. She has been awarded the Living With Environmental Change (LWEC) Early-career resercher Fellowship (from March 2018) to investigate the impact of flooding on bridges and transportation systems.

Maria earned her MSc in Building Engineering in Italy in collaboration with the Tongji University of Shanghai (China). In 2014 she moved to Newcastle University to start he rPhD project “Risk analysis of the disruption to urban transport networks from pluvial flooding”, under the supervision of Prof. Richard Dawson. The research explored the impact of flooding on road networks, and leads to the development of an integrated flood-transport model. In 2017, she was appointed as an RA for the project ITRC-MISTRAL, to work on the development of national infrastructure analytics. 

Area of expertise

  • Urban resilience

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