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Find out what equipment we have here at the university.

Equipment sharing

At Newcastle University we use the UK Higher Education National Equipment register which is designed to help make the University’s Research Equipment discoverable and to facilitate sharing across the institution and to others.

In line with UKRI requirements, we include assets which have been purchased for over £100,000 or which have been identified as being particularly suitable for sharing both externally and internally. Download our equipment list in raw form (XLSX:164kb)

The original driver for its set up was the Wakeham Review and the 50%‌ reduction in capital budgets at the last Comprehensive Spending Review.

This resulted in new requirements from RCUK (effective from 1 May 2011) to check for existing local equipment before applying for new items.

N8 Research Partnership

As well as, we also share an equipment list with the N8 Research Partnership.

This is a collaboration between the 8 universities in the north of England, which as well as Newcastle includes Durham, York, Sheffield, Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds.

You can find our equipment list as well as the other universities on the N8 Research Partnership website.