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Opportunity Scholarships

Opportunity Scholarships

We offer Opportunity Scholarships to eligible UK/EU domiciled students on the basis of household income.

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About Opportunity Scholarships

One of the biggest barriers to studying for a degree is financial. The Opportunity Scholarship is our commitment to ensuring that ability, not circumstance, is what matters; enabling highly motivated, enthusiastic students from all backgrounds to fully enjoy a Newcastle University education. These means-tested scholarships help talented students to focus more on their studies, giving them the financial security to apply for summer internships or take up extra-curricular activities that may have been out of reach.

In the academic year 2018-19, almost 26% of our first year undergraduate students at Newcastle received the Opportunity Scholarship.

Students from all backgrounds

Opportunity Scholarships reflect our commitment to improving social mobility, with over 52% scholarships given to students who were the first in their family to go to university. 107 different courses of study were represented, from Medicine and Mechanical Engineering to English Literature and Economics.


Students find that the extra support gives them peace of mind and lifted a weight off their shoulders, allowing them to budget more strategically.

Receiving this extra financial support has allowed many students to play sports along with their peers, concentrate more on their studies, be included in social and study trips, and think seriously about further education. University is a chance to not only learn new things but also meet new people, and Opportunity Scholarship students said that the financial support has helped them to make friends and meet new people.

Award amounts

Household incomeAward amountDetail
Up to £25,000 £2,000 per year Cash bursary
£25,001 - £35,000 £1,000 per year Cash bursary


You don't need to apply for this scholarship. We will award it automatically to eligible UK and EU students based on their UCAS application and income assessed by Student Finance England or an equivalent assessment body.

Award exclusions

If you're studying on a course that includes a compulsory year abroad or placement year, you will receive a fee discount. You will not be entitled to an Opportunity Scholarship for that year.

The Office for Students states that students already holding the equivalent of an honours degree or higher level qualification cannot be considered for bursaries or scholarships through our Access Agreement.

Due to Government guidelines, NHS funded students receiving tuition fee grants cannot be considered for bursaries or scholarships through our Access Agreement in the academic year they receive NHS funding.

Further information on eligibility criteria and payment dates for UK and EU students can be found on our Student Financial Support pages.


Many thanks to the alumni and friends of Newcastle University who support these Opportunity Scholarships:

  • Newcastle University Women’s Club
  • The E June Copland and Kenneth D Hunter Donation
  • Gordon Cannon Scholarship
  • Emeritus Professor George Alberti
  • Professor Peter Alberti
  • Paul Anderson
  • Ian Caswell
  • Nigel Dawn
  • Charles Isaac
  • Neil Johnston