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Welcome to your guide to the university application process

Access resources and top tips on preparing for university. Gain help with writing a stand-out personal statement and submit a successful application.

University might have been your goal for a long time or perhaps you’re only just thinking about pursuing higher education. It’s natural to find the entire process a little overwhelming.

Here, you will find detailed answers to your burning questions about every step of the university application process.

But first, what stage are you currently at?

How do I prepare for university?

Many students find the transition from secondary education to college and sixth form quite jarring, but it doesn’t have to be.  

Your A Levels are your first steps towards studying at degree level, and will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to delve deep into your chosen subject area. Explore our resources to help you choose the right A Levels for you, and get the grades you need for university.

How do I choose a university, and a course?

When it comes to choosing a course, some students have a clear-cut idea of what they want to study, and where, for a long time before they apply. However, many of us aren’t so lucky. It’s normal to feel worried or uncertain about taking the plunge and getting it right.

After all, university is perhaps the biggest investment you will ever make in you, and your career. If you need a helping hand choosing what to study and where, explore our resources below.

How to apply to university

So, you know where and what you want to study. Now it’s time to make a start on your application.

We're now accepting undergraduate applications for 2023 entry through UCAS until 25 January.

From writing your personal statement to formalising your decision in UCAS, applying can be a long but rewarding road. Below, our resources help you complete the final step in your application journey. This includes writing that perfect personal statement.