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Our Research

We're committed to building a welcoming and empowering research culture. Everyone should have the freedom and opportunity to succeed.

Defining a positive research culture

Research culture is a broad term, meaning different things to different people. Generally, it encompasses our research community's behaviours, values, expectations, attitudes and norms.

We know a positive research culture matters as it:

  • improves the quality and reach of research
  • enables personal growth and career development
  • helps attract and keep talented people
  • builds trust and better working relationships
  • underpins an enjoyable and rewarding experience for colleagues and students alike

With our research community, we've defined four attributes of a positive research culture. They're what our postgraduate research students, academic and professional colleagues tell us are important. They guide the work we do.

People are at the heart of what we do

We want our research culture to:

  • recognise everyone’s valuable and varied contributions to research
  • nurture people’s talents and support diverse career aspirations
  • fuel people’s passions and creativity and be genuinely fun to immerse in
  • inspire future generations not only by the research we do, but how we do it

Working together to drive change

We want to build our research culture in collaboration with our research community. We include everyone who enables and delivers research and enhances its impact. We need everyone’s voices to be heard to fully understand our challenges.

We want to hear a diverse range of perspectives and ideas to know best how to tackle them. This includes working in partnerships with other universities, funders and organisations. We want to share best practice across the sector.