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Newcastle University is proud of its continuing identity as a European institution.

Europe remains Newcastle’s top destination for academic collaboration

There are over 1,600 collaborating institutions across the continent and since 2019, over 8,600 co-authored publications.

With a network of over 170 partner universities, we offer a wide variety of student exchange and mobility opportunities in Europe. For instance, our language programmes allow students to immerse themselves in a different culture whilst developing fluency in a foreign language.

We are also proud to welcome more than 1,300 students from Europe. They contribute to our academic excellence and global university community.

A speaker at Newcastle University, NCL Europe hub

Snapshots of our collaborations in Europe

International students

We're pleased to offer automatic scholarships worth 30-50% of the international tuition fee for EU students looking to study in 2023. In addition we offer 30 partial Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships. They'll assist EU students to study an undergraduate degree or postgraduate Master’s degree. Find out more about Scholarships for EU students in the UK.

If you are an international student from Europe, visit our International Students website. You’ll find more information about entry requirements, scholarships and more for your country.

Global opportunities

Newcastle has a network of over 170 partner universities across Europe where you can study as part of your degree. Each of our partners are linked to a particular subject area. The partner you choose to study with will depend on what you are studying. We offer a wide range of programmes as diverse as our student body, including:

  • the Business School’s dual Master’s degrees with the University of Groningen in the Netherlands
  • a mathematics and statistics undergraduate and postgraduate student exchange with the Technical University of Munich, Germany

Newcastle offers several short-term study abroad programmes. There are also opportunities for field trips and expeditions abroad.

We offer opportunities to travel to Europe and other global destinations through:

  • exchanges
  • summer programmes
  • volunteering
  • work opportunities

Learn more about previous students embarking on a three-week expedition to study climate change in Svalbard, Norway.

International Coalition of Sites of Conscience

We have a strategic partnership with the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC). We’ve placed student interns at several ICSC member sites, including the War Childhood Museum in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Students actively promote social justice and a universal culture of human rights. They work to:

  • empower marginalised communities
  • counter hate speech and violent extremism
  • preserve the memory of victims of human rights violations

Visit our Global Opportunities website

A Newcastle University intern documents artefacts for the War Childhood Museum in Bosnia and Herzegovina