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Submitting an Invoice

Submitting an Invoice

We make it easy for you to submit an invoice to the University.

You can't just submit an invoice to the University. You need a purchase order number first

We operate a policy of “No Purchase Order No Pay” and will return all invoices to the Supplier which do not conform to this.

Getting a purchase order number

The University sends a purchase order to the successful supplier. The purchase order states a 10 digit University Purchase Order number. This begins with 42

The supplier must state this number on any invoice submitted to the University. Without a purchase order number, we will return the invoice to the supplier. 

Submitting an invoice

Send all invoices to: 

Newcastle University
PO BOX 268
S98 1QY

or: as an attachment to an email to: Zip files cannot be accepted.
This address is for invoices only and should not be used as a delivery address for goods ordered or invoice enquiries.

The University reserves the right to change the invoicing address. 

You may submit invoices upon the completion of each stage. This must be agreed with the University's Representative. You should include a proposed payment programme as part of your tender submission.


We will pay you as per the contract terms or within 30 days of receipt of a correctly submitted invoice.

For invoice and payment queries, please contact:

Accounts Payable: