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Support for Care Leavers

Support for Care Leavers

We're committed to supporting students who are care leavers. As well as receiving ongoing support while studying at Newcastle, the University can provide advice and guidance before you apply on all topics relating to higher education.

Visit the Student Enquiries knowledge base for student information on COVID-19.

Support and guidance

We offer a range of support to students who are care leavers. If you have experienced Local Authority Care for a period of at least three months during the 10 years before entering Newcastle University support can include:

  • appointments to discuss the support options available to you before you apply or accept an offer
  • automatic eligibility for the PARTNERS supported entry route 
  • access to the range of support services offered by the University
  • someone to speak to if there is anything you are unsure about
  • a visit to University accommodation and/or a campus tour of the University
  • meeting a current University student

Care Leaver Bursaries

If you're a care leaver and interested in joining us, we can support you financially with a scholarship.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the bursary you must:

  • register as a student of Newcastle University for the academic year in which we consider you for the bursary;
  • be a full-time undergraduate student;
  • not be in receipt of an Opportunity Scholarship;
  • have been in care, or under a Care Order, for at least three months during the 10 years before starting your course;
  • not have been living independently for longer than five years prior to starting university;
    have applied for the maximum statutory funding from the Student Loans Company unless supported by other public funds for these costs (e.g. fees);
  • have a household income of £42,600 or less as assessed by Student Finance England (or equivalent);
    include in your application a copy of all pages of your funding entitlement letter from Student Finance
  • England (or equivalent) for the year in which you apply for the bursary;
  • The University base these criteria on their experience and on consultation with colleagues in other universities and Local Authority Leaving Care Teams.

The University will consider exceptional cases that do not meet these criteria on an individual basis. Newcastle University's decision on all applications will be final.


Please download and complete the Care Leaver Bursary Application Form 2020-21.

Find out more

Newcastle University has designated members of staff who can offer advice and information for those who have been in local authority care:

Louise Harrison
Student Recruitment Co-ordinator
Newcastle University
King's Gate 
Newcastle upon Tyne