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Central and South Asia

Newcastle University is committed to peer-to-peer partnerships between Central and South Asia and the UK.

Our commitment to partnerships

Our collaborations foster a dynamic exchange of knowledge, ideas and innovation.

We are helping to foster the next generation of globally-minded citizens. We have long-standing partnerships between academic institutions as well as new collaborations with emerging entrepreneurs.

We’re also proud to welcome more than 500 students from Central and South Asia. They contribute to our academic excellence and global university community.

Staff and students at the Creative Spark project Azerbaijan.

Snapshots of our collaborations in Central and South Asia

International students

Together with the British Council we offer fully funded scholarships for female students from South Asia. They must be interested in pursuing a master's degree related to climate change or in the STEM fields.

If you are an international student from Central or South Asia, visit out International Students website. You’ll find information about entry requirements, scholarships and more for your country.

Global opportunities

We have a strategic partnership with the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC). We've placed student interns at several ICSC member sites, including the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information in Georgia.

Students actively promote social justice and a universal culture of human rights. They work to:

  • empower marginalised communities
  • counter hate speech and violent extremism
  • preserve the memory of victims of human rights violations

We offer opportunities to travel to Central and South Asia and other global destinations through:

  • exchanges
  • summer programmes
  • volunteering
  • work opportunities

Visit our Global Opportunities website.

Student interns in Georgia.