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MMB8042 : Muscle in the integrated musculoskeletal system (E-Learning)

  • Offered for Year: 2019/20
  • Module Leader(s):
  • Owning School: FMS Graduate School
  • Teaching Location: Mixed Location
Semester 1 Credit Value: 20
ECTS Credits: 10.0


The aim of the module is to provide students with:

1 One aspect of research training in the area of muscle ageing in the integrated musculoskeletal system
2 Develop creative and critical thinking in scientific approaches to current issues in muscle ageing in the integrated musculoskeletal system
3 The knowledge to have a first attempt at drafting an MRC grant proposal and orally presenting this proposal
4 An opportunity to experience peer review, both as a reviewer and a reviewee.

Available only to students registered on 4838F MRes Musculoskeletal Ageing (CIMA)

Outline Of Syllabus

1. Muscle within the musculoskeletal system (bone, tendon, cartilage, ligament).
2. Generic cell and molecular approaches to studying the musculoskeletal system
3. Ageing effects on the musculoskeletal system; muscle interactions with other musculoskeletal tissues (including musculotendinous, ageing and tendons; and neuromuscular, including ageing and nerves)
4. Interventions to modify muscle and its interactions with the musculoskeletal system; diet, exercise, antioxidants
5. Model systems; advantages, disadvantages, limitations (human, cells/rodents and larger animals)
6. Detailed molecular and cell biology approaches (including westerns, qPCR, bioinformatics)
7. Imaging (CT etc…)
8. Modelling; advantages, disadvantages, limitations
9. How to develop a hypothesis and work that into a full research grant application

Teaching Methods

Teaching Activities
Teaching Rationale And Relationship


Assessment Methods

The format of resits will be determined by the Board of Examiners

Other Assessment
Description Semester When Set Percentage Comment
Research proposal1M20Draft grant proposal to the MRC
Research proposal1M60Final grant proposal to the MRC
Prof skill assessmnt1M20Presentation of proposal to peers and tutors
Zero Weighted Pass/Fail Assessments
Description When Set Comment
Prof skill assessmntMPeer review of another students draft grant proposal (pass/fail)
Formative Assessments
Description Semester When Set Comment
Written exercise1MLearning will be reviewed via formative assessments (e.g optional online tests, MCQs)
Assessment Rationale And Relationship

The grant proposal will not be marked anonymously as it will need to be marked by a tutor specialising in the chosen research area and so is likely to be easily identified. However, all proposals will be second marked by someone who hasn’t been involved in the development of the application.
Peer review will involve students critically appraising another students’ draft proposal, commenting according to MRC reviewer guidelines, and responding appropriately to feedback from comments on their draft.
The presentation will be assessed on scientific correctness, presentation skills, time management and ability to answer questions.

Reading Lists