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Visiting staff at Newcastle University make a valuable contribution to our international teaching and research.

However, academic units hosting international visitors should be aware that:

  • Local discussions relating to controlled technology, data or know-how may be subject to UK Export Control legislation if the information is then taken back out of the UK.  This also applies to ongoing discussions via email, video conferences and telephone calls with the individual once the visitor returns to their home country.  
  • Controlled technology brought into the UK is also subject to Export Control legislation when the visitor leaves the country.  This applies to physical goods, hard copyu documents and electronic information saved in emails, personal laptops and USB devices.

Initial assessment

The following key principles apply to discussions with international visitors:

  1. Is the technology, data or know-how controlled under UK legislation?
  2. Do any exemptions apply?
  3. Are there any end-use concerns?

Academic units should refer to the general guidance on Export Control to complete an initial assessment.  Further guidance and support is available by completing an Export Control Query Form.  


If the initial assessment identifies any concerns, academic units should either:

  • Avoid discussions / sharing of controlled technology - be clear on the areas of research that you can and cannot talk about with overseas visitors and ensure that this is reflected in any presentations or discussion materials.  Where appropriate, access should also be restricted to labs / shared drives.  
  • Apply for an Export Licence - this must be approved prior to the discussion / sharing of controlled technology and / or movement of controlled technology out of the UK.  For more information, please refer to the University's guidance on how to apply for an Export Licence.