Staff Profile

Lynn Helen Hedley

Research Information Administrator


Roles and Responsibilities

I work for the Policy and Information Team which sits within the Research Strategy & Development.

I am responsible for managing and maintaining MyProject ProposalsMyProjects and MyImpact databases which includes working alongside the development teams in providing user requirements, system testing, producing user manuals and training (internal access only).

Alongside providing support for our 3 main systems I am responsible for providing detailed reports and the validation of research returns such as RAE/REF and HEBCIS.

I am responsible for managing the following web-sites:


  • HND Computer Software Development

Previous University Positions

  • Research Communications Administrator for Business Development Directorate;
  • Research Accounts Administrator for Education, Communication & Language Sciences;
  • UG Admissions Assistant for Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering.


Undergraduate Modules - Examples Only

  • Module abc (10 Credits)
  • Module xyz (10 Credits)

Postgraduate Modules - Examples Only

  • Module 123 (15 Credits)
  • Module 456 (15 Credits)


Example Research Profile Only 

Current Work

Example, my current work is funded by EPSRC in developing a new low cost Research Software Design and developing new technologies in report designs.

Main Expertise

My main research interests involve designing software for academics and administrators to help with their research roles.  I have a particular interest in UNIT4 software and SQL 

Research Role

(e.g. Director of Research)

Future Research

I have interests in clinical research for advancements in novel databases.

Postgraduate Supervision (include names of students if you have their permission)

  • A Another
  • B Another
  • C Another

Potential PhD Research Projects

  • High performance in Research Data Management

Esteem Indicators

  • Member of XYZ
  • Chartered Engineering XYZ
  • Guest Speaker at XYZ
  • Editor, Journal of XYZ including ISSN…..

Funding Received

  • Research into creating new databases (EPSRC £500,000)
  • Processes into Research Applications (EU FP7 £325,000)
  • Building relationships with China (AMRC £1,000)

Patents - reminder only add in completed patents

Industrial Relevance


  • Hedley LH. How to display a publication on your web-profile, use the Drag and Drop or click on Automatic order by year then by title, then Save and Publish. MyImpact Training 2018, 1(1), 1-2.
  • Hedley LH. Top Tip - Adding multiple author's quickly and author's with ' or ^ or spaces in surname, 1) add yourself as author, 2) save your publication with basic info on 3) click 'edit' publication 4) click on 'Edit Author Name Edit' this will open the Author's list and allow you to add surname and initials much more easily. MyImpact Training 2018, 4(4), 4-5.
  • Hedley L. How to get your publication REF Eligible - Make them Open Access Via MyImpact within 90 days of ACCEPTANCE DATE. MyImpact Training 2018, 2(2), 2-3.